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Make someone's day... or year

The perfect gift! Messina gift cards can be purchased in any Messina store on on our website here. They come in a both a handy wallet sized card or as a digital voucher, so the owner will never be without their Messina dollars.

a few things you should know

grab one at any of our stores or online!

  • You can buy vouchers in any of our stores, or via our website
  • Minimum spend is $10 in-store, $20 online, or choose our e-voucher which can be any denomination
  • Gift cards and E-Vouchers can be redeemed on purchases in-store only - check our list of eligible stores here.
  • The lucky recipient can use it in instalments until the total has been reached
  • Valid for 3 years from the date of purchase
  • Cannot be used for online purchases, bookings (Gelato Classes, Creative Department bookings) or at pop-ups or Events.
  • Having issues? Contact us here
buy one now!

Gift Card Terms of Use

These Terms and Conditions apply to all Gift Cards or E-Vouchers issued by: Gelato Messina Australia

1. Introduction

2. Accepting the Gift Card and Agreeing to These Terms of Use

3. Purchases Using the Gift Card

4. No Cash Advances

5. Expiry and Value Balance

6. Lost, Stolen or Damaged Gift Cards

7. Changes to Terms of Use

8. Queries or Complaints

9. Applicable Law

Got an old gift card?

If you have one of our existing paper gift vouchers and would like to transfer the balance to a new style gift card, visit any store and the staff will help you to make the swap! Must have min of 6 months expiry left

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