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How to Order on Uber eats

- Go to and download their nifty app (available in the App Store or Google Play)
- Type in your address on their website or app. If a Messina store appears on the list of resturants, this means we deliver to you – woohoo!
- Select the items you would like to order. Minimum order is $10 so you might as well stock up your freezer for the weekend if you’re under that total
- Pay for your order and cha-ching… we’ll get a beep in your nearest store with your order
- We’ll pack your tubs / cakes and you should expect a driver at your door within 30 mins or so...

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I have some more questions!


You don’t deliver to my postcode

Each store has a pre-defined delivery radius which is as far as the drivers can make it in the delivery times. If you feel like you are very close and still can't get it delivered, send us an email

I have a problem with my order

If you have a problem with your order, the best thing to do is to contact Uber Eats directly via the app

When do you deliver?

Uber Eats operate the delivery service during our store opening hours – checkout each stores opening hours. Please be aware, that sometimes stores have to stop delivery for an hour or so when they are getting rammed.

Opening hours

Do you deliver cakes?

Yep! All cakes are available to be delivered online. You can still order all of our cakes as per normal online or drop into a store.

Is it more expensive to get it delivered?

Prices from us are exactly the same as you would pay in the stores. Only catch is there is a $5 delivery fee and a minimum order of $10.

Got Feedback?

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