The Messina X INCU campaign stretched across a few touch points - from a range of Messina merch to custom flavours and giveaways.


At Messina we'd dabbled in a few merch items in the past, but set our sights on creating our own range, where we could choose the fit, cut, colours and comfiness of the garments we wanted to produce. The wonderful team at INCU COLLECTION guided us on the creation of designing, creating and producing our own range of merch to be sold in our stores and via our website. We also worked with artist Ella Grace to come up with the print for the range. We produced our own hoodie, sweatshirt and t-short with the help of their experts.


Coinciding with the launch of our own merch range was INCU's 18th birthday celebration, so we combined the two into a bumper Messina X INCU celebration week. Incu selected 5 of their favourite brands and gave them the opportunity to create a custom Messina flavour which would be sold across out stores for the week of the birthday. Paloma Wool, State of Escape, Cafe Kitsune, rag & bone and Patagonia briefed us on their favourite things, and we created flavours based on their stories. Across the both our stores, we produced special edition scratch cards where customers could win a selection of Incu or Messina prizes throughout the week.

Incu also produced a custom INCU X MESSINA sweatshirt which was gifted to our most loyal customers and featured the artwork of our Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom by Good Food Crap Drawing.

STATE OF ESCAPE- WANDERLUST Coconut and mango gelato with shredded coconut and a hint of lime (edited)
RAG & BONE - A PIECE OF CAKE Clotted cream gelato layered with strawberry jam and sponge cake
MAISON KITSUNE - TEA-RIMISU Japanese matcha gelato layered with Café Kitsune coffee soaked tiramisu biscuits
PATAGONIA - SAVE TAKAYNA Dark chocolate and Tasmanian Leatherwood Honey sorbet layered with nougat
PALOMA WOOL - ISLAND SOUVENIR Ensaimada gelato layered with chocolate custard