Commissioned by M.A.C Cosmetics, we created five custom flavours inspired by their signature lipstick shades. Served exclusively at Mecca pop-up cart events in Sydney and Melbourne, and a curated gelato class run for beauty influencers at our Messina factory in Rosebery.

It all started when M.A.C announced a price drop of their iconic lipsticks, which was cause for a big and delicious celebration. They commissioned our brand for a full scale project to amplify their messaging and develop five custom gelato flavours, inspired by their best-selling signature shades.

Together with our chefs, M.A.C's marketing team and head make up artist, we delved deep into the colour pallet and connotations of Ruby Woo, Modesty, Honeylove, Velvet Teddy and Mehr. Each flavour was designed to hero the shade, name and personality of the lipstick — ready for the brands biggest fans to have a taste of their favourite velvety accessory.

The flavours were developed for a series of pop-up gelato stand events, within select Mecca stores in Sydney and Melbourne. The brands opted for a custom branded stand and cups to draw customers in and activate the space.

The campaign was launched at our Rosebery factory with a gelato class and tour run by our team. Beauty influencers and media were invited to come and hangout in our professionally zhuzhed classroom decked out in fresh flowers, lipsticks, goody bags and plenty of gelato. Our chefs gave a brief overview of the ins and outs of gelato, took them on a tour of our factory and talked them through the flavour development process, before they got a chance to go ham and taste them ALL.

All campaign imagery and videography was shot by Messina, which was used by M.A.C and Mecca to support the activation and messaging. We created two custom churn videos, showing the mesmerising gelato production and shot five mounded gelato pots on custom backgrounds, ready for their social advertising campaign.

HONEYLOVE – honey gelato with chocolate covered honeycomb
MEHR – rose and blackberry sorbet
RUBY WOO – cream cheese gelato with red velvet cake
VELVET TEDDY – gianduia gelato with strawberry and white choc fudge
MODESTY – strawberry and vanilla gelato with strawberry jam
GELATO CLASS – beauty influencers and media were invited to take a tour of our gelato factory