In honour of the Yia Yia Next Door recipe book launch, we're celebrating one woman's incredible act of kindness with her very own Messina special.

If you haven't come across Yia Yia Next Door yet... get searching! The social enterprise run by Daniel and Luke Mancuso in Melbourne, began after their mother was tragically killed and their beautiful neighbour Yia Yia took it upon herself to feed and look after the brothers. Capturing the communities heart and soul — this is a complex story, with the strength of a community and looking out for one another at its core.

From Saturday 7th May, you'll be able to find the YIA YIA NEXT DOOR special at all Messina stores for up to a week, or until sold out. The flavour — layers of semolina and custard gelato with pistachio fudge and house-made kourabiethes, was inspired by an amalgamation of Yia Yia's dessert recipes.

A percentage of the book and our gelato sales will be donated to the Australian Childhood Foundation — a charity that are passionate believers in the power of love to help abused children heal and to defend and restore childhood.