In the many years of the Messina App's existence we've listed some pretty sweet offers like scoops, tubs, shakes and the occasional limited edition offer, but the time has come that we raise the stakes.

Earlier this year we broadened our horizons when we introduced the Messina App Unwrapped offering monthly giveaways and special offers, but now we're expanding our permanent range, giving loyal Messina App Users the chance to treat themselves that little bit more.

Without further ado, please welcome the newbies joining the Messina App offers:

- Messina printed socks
- Jars of dulce de leche and choc hazelnut spread
- Bottles of Messina milk
- A Messina gelato cart / stand (for the big spenders)
- And last but not least, a Messina cake

Each month, we'll be offering a different Messina cake on the App ready for you redeem with your points. This month we're kicking things off with an in-house Messina favourite, our HOW NOW cake.

Got a suggestion for something you'd like to spend your points on? Send us a message via the support button on the App or shoot us an email.

Don't have the App?


Please note that we're working on how we can integrate our Cake Ordering system with the Messina App, however at this stage we're unable to offer App points for any online cake orders.