Making our own Tim Tam range last year was pretty darn cool – it’s what dreams are made of right? So we were double chuffed when the Kings & Queens of biscuits at Arnott’s asked us to come back for round two and to launch THREE more flavours with them this year.

With one round of Tim Tam making under our belts already, this time we’ve used some of our Messina specials to inspire…welcome the new flavours: Turkish Delight, Choc Cherry Coconut and Iced Coffee.

We dug back into our flavour archive for the new flavours – some of you may remember Messina Specials such as Persian Rocky Road (cue inspo for Turkish Delight), 1985 (now a Choc Cherry Coconut Tim Tam) or our Coffee gelato, a classic flavour in the cabinet. We tinkered and tailored the flavours with the experts at Tim Tam to turn them into the new biscuits, and they’re down right delicious if we don’t say so ourselves. And seeing as we do like a chilled treat, try keeping them in the fridge and eating them cold. They’ve got snazzy packaging which changes colour in the fridge too. We’ve debated this subject many times in the office – fridge, cupboard, fridge, freezer(?) or desk side drawer…the choice is yours, just get them in your gob.

The range is available at ‘all good supermarkets’ near you from 26th January 2018. You can read more about all the flavours we’ve made here.

Arnott's Gelato Messina inspired Ice Coffee Tim Tams.
Arnott's Gelato Messina inspired Choc Cherry Coconut Tim Tams.
Arnott's Gelato Messina inspired Turkish Delight Tim Tams.