One of our prettiest gelato cakes, this layered strawberries and cream torte is here for your next birthday celebration.

Looking for the ideal birthday treat that takes the cake?  Perfect to share with your friends/fam/colleagues?  We'd like to put forward this little slice of heaven, made from our giant and super sweet Albion strawberries, grown at our farm in Dural, Sydney. I digress... but we've been self sufficient in strawberries for the last few years after a chance meeting with farmer Tony and his wife Anna. We took over their farm which they'd been running for the past 50 years and now proudly manage and produce all the sweet and juicy strawberries that we need to sustain our gelato and cakes.

Now back to the cake of the moment. Serving 8-12 comfortably, the understatedly elegant pieces have silky layers of vanilla gelato, strawberry sorbet, wild strawberry mousse, strawberry & masala soaked sponge, finished with fresh strawberries and strawberry gel.

And it's only $58.  Bargain.