A massive heartfelt thanks to everyone who came to our first ever weekend of MESSINA’S GREATEST HITS at Rosebery and Fitzroy. As is always the case with ‘first time’ events, you never really know what to expect, but we were completely blown away by the response.

We know the queues were pretty long all weekend, but everyone was just so patient, excited and lovely that it made the whole thing awesome! Thank you for coming and we hope you got your hands on the Specials you wanted. We’re already thinking about how to make the wait times shorter and extending it to more stores.

And thanks to our amazing staff that pushed, scooped and ground it out till late on Sunday night! We love you just as much!

Until then, thanks, sorry, we love you xx

p.s. Top 3 were - Robert Brownie Jr, Red Wedding and Fairy Bread