This year's Mother's Day Bon Bons have SOLD OUT!
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The world looks a little different at the moment, including our annual Mother’s Day bon bons. We’ve pulled out all the stops in the Messina Chocolate Department (yes, that’s a thing), to create chocolate versions of our classic gelato bon bons and collaborated with the flower buffs at FLORALY.

With all these social distancing and travel restrictions we felt we really needed something we could deliver (ie. not delicately enrobed gelato bon bons). As many of you would know, we’ve been making our own chocolate for some time now. Chocolate for all of our products including our gelato, but also for the more delicate products that we make including cakes, monoporzione and plated desserts for classes and the creative department. Made from a single origin bean imported from Ecuador, we are truly making our chocolate from scratch.

So we thought it was time to let our little team in the Messina Chocolate Department shine! They've pulled out all the stops and created chocolate versions of our classic gelato bon bon's that can even be delivered this year! We’ve also collaborated with the wonderful cats at FLORALY to bring you a bumper flower and chocolate combo all in one delightful package, straight to your mum.. even if you can’t be with her this year.



1. Gianduia - Hazelnut Praline, gianduia ganache, roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate shell - D,N
2. Milk Choc Chew - Milk chocolate ganache, coconut chew, white choc shell - D,E,G
3. Coffee and Dulce - Coffee ganache, dulce de leche, caramel crunch, milk chocolate shell - D,G
4. Pistachio Praline - Pistachio ganache, pistachio praline, white chocolate shell - N,D
5. Honey Caramel - Honey and vanilla caramel, vanilla crunch - dark chocolate shell - D,G

x 2 of each (except Gianduia)


Packed in an illustrated gift box, with a personalised gift card, care instructions and tips. Mum will be instructed on how to arrange her own bunch, providing a bit of entertainment as well as joy to her home. All packs will be sent either by courier or Startrack express shipping.

PRICE: $79 + shipping