Are you excited yet? Ermm.. no.

Sorry, we know it sucks and we actually feel a little bit nervous about it, but the time has well and truly come. We’ve been talking about it for about 6 months but we’ve been kicking the can down the road as they say.

I think we just like when people end their sentence with ‘...and you are so cheap compared to everywhere else!’. What a sad bunch we are...

Our current prices are definitely way cheaper than most (we’re sure of that bit) .. and we ‘hope' the quality has always been pretty darn good (this bit is more subjective). The truth is we’ve always very deliberately tried to be the cheapest AND the highest quality purveyor out there. It's a nice sentiment, but the reality is its not actually very easy when you literally make everything the hard way . We could bore you with the reasons but you probably know them.. and we don’t want to sound like that really ernest guy at a party who thinks he’s your best mate.

Some interesting facts (probably more so designed to justify it to ourselves than anything else)
- The 500ml tub has been the same price since we opened in 2002. It’s quite ridiculous.
- The last price increase we had was in 2012, and we only increased one item (the 2 scoop).
- Cake prices are not changing.
- Pretty much everything has been underpriced for years considering the way we make our gelato and indeed the products we use.
- We did some research and we’re confident we are still quite cheap (check below handy table of prices from 20 other stores - *names have been excluded to protect the innocent).

Handy Price Comparison Chart

Messina Price Comparison Chart 2015
Messina Price Comparison Chart 2015

** You’ll see from the chart above that our NEW prices are still generally cheaper than the industry average and also cheaper than a lot of other places (these include gelato, soft serve and ice cream).

NB: the chart prices marked in red indicate that the price for that item is higher than our NEW price for that item. We didn't include our current prices in here - that was WAY too advanced in Excel for us.

It's really quite unpleasant putting up prices. We feel uneasy just thinking about it. However on the upside, we’re reasonably confident we make some of the best gelato in the world.
Right now we’re currently one of the cheapest ice cream joints in the country and unfortunately something had to give and it simply can’t be our plastic surgery plans.

We are old, fat and ugly.. We need all the help we can get.


New prices will be effective from Thursday 11 June 2015 (if we get our shit together).