Drop into any of our stores to try our Peanut Butter Jelly Time shake or get a Sicilian Smack, straight from Nonna.

Our Spring shakes are here and they are extra delicious this month!

Everyone likes a good peanut butter jelly sandwich, but have you ever had it in shake form? Imagine a creamy chocolate/peanut and salted caramel base, blitzed with peanut butter, peanut fudge, chocolate crumble and toped with candied peanuts and raspberry jellies. It's just as much fun to drink as it sounds.

If you're one that likes to keep things more traditional, go for the Sicilian Smack. Pistachio praline gelato is blitzed through Messina Jersey milk with pistachio fudge, and topped with pistachio crumb and whole pistachios. It's decadent, rich and a big Italian smack in the mouth.

Available in from now until December 7th.

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