We've been teasing that a new range of Messina cake are coming for a while now... and they're nearly here! 

For the last few months, our chefs have been busy developing 8 new cakes (our Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom cake is staying in the range). They're almost ready for you to wrap your tastebuds around and will be making their way to all Messina stores over the next week.

Every single cake is hand made at Messina HQ by our gelato chefs, and we've developed three new TRANS cakes to add to the range. These clever cakes can be eaten from the fridge OR the freezer and taste equally as good whichever way you like it. This also means you've got up to 3 hours to get to your destination if you choose to keep it in the fridge.

Pop into any store over the next week to see the new range. Online ordering will be back letting you order for pick up from the 4th December. If you are desperate to order now, you can do so for pick up from the 4th December here