A combi van, a whole freezer full of gelato, all we need is you to eat it

When the QT Bondi came to us and asked to make a flavour to celebrate their opening in Bondi, we moved our next marketing meeting to the grassy knoll, got ourselves a green smoothie and a skinny almond milk rice semi soy latte and got our thinking caps on in the sunshine.

The result? The "2026" - roasted coconut and yoghurt sorbet with Messina trail mix, quinoa & chia seed choc block

Sounds kinda healthy doesn't it? We can't claim it is, but it's pretty tasty

Named after the area postcard, we delivered a little taste in the 'Messina Mail' to some of those media mogils...here's what they got in the 'post':

QT Bondi will be sharing the ‘2026’ flavour love from the customised van around Bondi on Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Sunday 24 and Tuesday 26 (Australia Day) of January 2016.

It's free, all you have to do is come find us for a scoop.

And if you share a picture of is (like we know you want to) or the van and tag #tastebondi on instagram, you'll go into a draw to win a QT Bondi and Messina experience.

Messina X QT Hotel on Bondi Beach
The Lean Mean Bondi Van Machine