We've recently installed a bar at Messina HQ. Is it because we're on an all-encompassing sugar and alcohol binge? Maybe. But more likely we have an appreciation for a great Negroni and we also like playing around with flavours in our gelato and sorbets too (a new batch of gin and lime sorbet is being churned right now).

So, when bars approach us with ideas for boozy gelato creations, first we think...would we be seen dead sipping a short one at that bar, and if so yes let's get the spirits flowing. On point with being 'seen dead' at a bar, queue Dead Ringer...that bar with the snazzy bud lights which Tim Philips and co. have just opened on the top end of Bourke Street.

They also own Bulletin Place in the city (that one where you look like you're walking into a tattoo shop).  We like Tim's view on bartending

“My only goal with bartending is to serve nice drinks to nice people. If I can do that, I'm happy,”.

Tim came to us with an idea for a Messina cocktail and after a few water baths (not together), bottles of port from Tazzie and test batches, we created a batch of burnt butter and sage gelato which Tim paired with a salted whisky toddy. The drink is poured over the gelato to become a warm, boozy thickshake.

Go drink the 'hot and cold toddy' at Dead Ringer - it's only for a limited time.  **remember he only serves nice drinks to nice people, so we can't guarantee he'll serve you if you're an arsehole.

Messina Burnt Butter & Sage Gelato // Johnnie Walker Black // Muscat // Water // Salt // Clove Bitters