Hoy Pinoy are coming back to Sydney for our end of year Messina Eats Christmas Bonanza!

Bringing their open-air Filipino barbecues and prized lechon, they'll be setup and smoking out the neighbourhood from 12pm on Friday 14th.

They've developed a few new menu items, showing off their traditional family style dishes in a fresh layout.

They're serving up:

Chicken Inasal: Chicken thigh roasted over charcoal with Hoy Pinoy Inasal glaze and steamed rice

Liempo: Slow smoked and roasted pork belly, basted in soy glaze served on garlic fried rice

Inihaw Na Manok: Chicken skewers in traditional soy glaze

Inahaw Na Baboy - Pork belly skewers in banana ketchup glaze

Lumpia (Filipino spring rolls) - Cheese, chicken and pork

For dessert, we're making a variation of our gelato HALO HALO with shaved milk ice, jackfruit, coconut jellies, puffed rice crunch, leche flan gelato and leche flan.

As well as two traditional Filipino drinks - Pandan and lemongrass Ice Tea and Kalamansi-Ade.

WHERE: Rosebery HQ - 58 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

WHEN: Friday 14th - Saturday 15th December | 12pm - late