Following in the footsteps of traditional Southern American BBQ, the true kings of meat are packing up their trailer and towing their beast of a smoker all the way from Melbourne – to bring us the best of; slow cooked, fire laden, smokey hunks of beef.

Having a resounding passion for their ingredients, respect for local produce, and love for ancient tradition, Burn City Smokers know how to turn up the heat and light the fire in your belly.

Over two days of pop up carpark madness, there’ll be SMOKED BEEF SHORT RIBS, SMOKED BEEF BRISKET BURGERS, SMOKED BEANS over FRIES and if that wasn’t enough to add to your Ical, we’ll be finishing off with a Southern classic: PUMPKIN PIE + CHOC SOFT SERVE!

Messina Eats Burn City Smokers - smoked beef brisket burger
Messina Eats: Burn City Smokers - Pumpkin pie with chocolate soft serve