Believe it or not, at Messina HQ we make everything from scratch.  Each flavour of gelato has its own unique recipe and every addition (brownie, fudge, caramel, cake etc…) is produced and baked in-house by our team of pastry chefs.  It’s a hard message to convey, but one visit to our Rosebery HQ or a squiz through our Youtube channel will show you the Messina way.

What’s the Messina Way?

Our business was built on the premise of experimentation and making gelato the way it’s supposed to be made.  There is no process too long, arduous or labour intensive. Having recently hunted down a chocolate making machine from Italy and a dulce de leche machine from Argentina; we imported it to our factory in Rosebery so we could make chocolate in it’s purest form and dulce de leche the traditional Argentinian way.

Each week, the Messina’s Additions series will bring you a new video, enabling you to ‘step inside’ our gelato.  First up in the video series is our red velvet cake which is baked in-house and smashed through cream cheese gelato to make one of our most popular flavours:

RED VELVET – Cream cheese gelato with red velvet cake