As winter looms, so to does our new warm drink special.

Introducing our newest member of the drinks family, the BOMBE-CHOC-ALASKA is our take on a hot chocolate, just in time to keep you warm as the mercury drops.

The rich hot chocolate drink is warmed and frothed in a mixer, before being topped with a scoop of dulce de leche gelato, finished with torched meringue and icing sugar.  The hot choccy will be available in all stores except Queensland (it's just still too warm up there!), for the duration of winter.

If you're in denial and want to feel like it's still summer/autumn we've also made a PIÑA COLADA shake which is refreshing and delicious – salted coconut and mango salsa gelato is blended with pineapple juice, desiccated coconut, pineapple jelly and topped with a cherry.

If you're in Queensland, it's not all bad news. You'll be able to purchase a second shake to make up for missing out on the hot chocs.

The FAIRY BREAD shake is a mix of vanilla gelato, Italian sponge cake, sprinkles and fairy bread crumble.

All drinks will be available for the next four weeks in stores.