A new flavour has hit our cabinets for summer, and it's not a one-week wonder this time

You know we love our specials, but this flavour is so good, it's going to be around for a little longer.

In a bid to support Aussie farmers bounce back from a challenging year, with the impacts of COVID-19 and adverse weather conditions, we've added a new semi permanent ‘Mangoes & Cream’ flavour to our cabinets in all stores. 

We already make two flavours with our favourite mango - the Kensington Pride - which is in our opinion the very best mango you can get for gelato and sorbets. We've tried others, but nothing compares to the taste of a KP. When Australian Mangoes asked us if we could use even more mangoes in our flavours to use up some of the excess supply, we thought up a dairy based flavour 'Mangoes & Cream'. Instead of a sorbet like our refreshing Mango Sorbet or Salted Coconut & Mango, the new flavour uses Kensington Pride mangoes in the gelato, which is then layered with whipped cream when it’s churned fresh in store. Creamy - tick, refreshing - tick!

Available in all stores now for the summer season. Find your closest one here.