We're sourcing the freshest Kensington Pride mangoes direct from Manbulloo Farms in Northern Australia, before they're pureed and blended into our creamy gelato.

If you're a fan of our mango sorbet, salted coconut and mango sorbet or myriad of mango specials... like mangoes and cream, mango pancake, khaleesi or mango cheesecake, you're not alone. It's no secret that these are some of our most popular year-round flavours due to the freshness and intense summer flavour of Kensington Pride mango flesh.

We're now sourcing direct from the Manbulloo Farms who have been growing the cream of the crop in tropical far North Queensland and the Northern Territory since 1982. They're the optimum variety due to the uniquely sweet and fragrant flavour, with a soft, fibreless flesh.

Visit any of our stores to try it for yourself!