The Lamington Tub is now sold out.

Replacing the sponge fillers with all the good bits, you'll be chowing into layers of milk chocolate gelato, coconut gelato and house-made lamingtons topped with coconut mousse & raspberry gel, all glazed in chocolate and desiccated coconut. Best packed into Messina Cones™, and eaten in your nearest hot tub obviously.


  1. Order your Lamington Tub
  2. Choose your pick up day and time from one of our stores over 3 days, from 27th – 29th November
  3. Pick up what's rightfully yours in store, on your chosen date

Allergens: dairy, nuts, egg, gluten, gelatine

PRICE: $30

SIZE: 1L (only)

BEST PACKED INTO: Messina Cones™

AVAILABLE FROM: All stores except The Star

Refunds on Pre-Ordered Products
If you need to cancel your order, you can do so by notifying us 2 days before your pick up date. To cancel, please email with your order number.

Please make sure you collect your order during the 'pick up dates'. If you don't pick it up, the store manager will try and contact you a maximum of 3x times, and then we may regift it (or eat it) if we still don't hear from you. Due to limited amount of storage space in stores, we are unable to keep products for too long.

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