Thanks to our friends at Peters, there's a new Lamington gelato bar hitting your local supermarket.

It’s been a whole year since we launched our range of classic gelato bars in supermarkets with Peters, so we thought it was time to spice things up.  Joining the espresso dulce de leche and choc hazelnut bars, a gelato lamington concoction has hit the shelves.  Rich chocolate gelato mixed with desiccated coconut is filled with raspberry sauce, upon a biscuit base, enrobed in milk choc.  It’s all yum, no mess.

The process was long and delicious, combining the product development buffs at Peters and our R&D team having many brainstorming and eating sessions.

Please note, these will not be for sale at any Messina stores. If they're not in your local supermarket yet, don't panic — we're at the mercy of supermarket distribution chains so they are filtering into the freezer aisle as quickly as possible.