Nothing warms the soul more than chocolate... which is why our July shake and Messina-fied hot choc are in all stores through July – August 3rd.

Whether you prefer to warm yourself up from the inside out with our Bombe-Choc-Alaska, or tough it out with our cool Shakus De Milo Shake, they're both going to make you feel extremely satisfied.

SHAKUS DE MILO - Vanilla gelato, Messina milo, mio mud cake, milo fudge and milo crumble


Messina hot chocolate with a scoop of dulce de leche gelato, finished with a torched marshmallow and icing sugar

THE CLASSIC (here to stay)

Dulce de leche and white choc hazelnut gelato with one shot of espresso

We’ve been releasing these new shakes, mostly because they are frikin’ delicious, but also because it’s a primo way to taste our pure Jersey Milk from the Messina Dairy Farm in Numurkah (VIC). We’re now completely self-sufficient when it comes to high-quality Jersey milk supply.

We use it to make all of our gelato and of course our shakes – every last one of them.  Read more about our farms HERE.