Sir Nelson Hernandez, & Esquire Juan Camelo, our legendary Messina Pastry chefs know what dad wants. After extensive research with several bottles of whisky and various fine Caribbean imports, the boys have come up trumps. It was gruelling work meticulously hand rolling these fatties, but if anything is worth researching, its whisky; the perfect gift for dad.

“What DO I get dad for Father’s Day?”  I hear you ask…

Dad really doesn’t need any more socks or underwear, even if the holes in his existing set beg to differ. What dad really wants is a box of fat ones. Something he can wrap his lips around but still feel like a boss. We think we’ve #nailedit.

We are of course talking about cigars filled with gelato and various tid bits. “Of course! How did I not know!” you’ll say. It’s okay, we don’t blame you, you didn’t know. But now you do.. and you’ve got no excuse not to spoil your dad.

We present to you:

THE SUGAR DADDY: Hand rolled chocolate sponge & dark chocolate shell filled with salted caramel and orange gelato with whisky cream and maple honey comb

FIDEL’S FATTY: Hand rolled chocolate sponge & dark chocolate shell filled with hazelnut gelato, rum fudge and yuzu curd

Being the horrible people that we are, we’ve made a ridiculously small number of these things hoping you’ll all fight each other for them. The good news is we’ll definitely film you fighting for them and sell you the dvd (another great gift for dad).

We’re kidding (obviously), but numbers are limited so if you really love your dad (note: guilt trip), you’ll get him one of these and get another to stick in the freezer next time you scratch his car or run over his dog.

COST: $39 per box – gets you 4 big smokes.

ALLERGIES: alcohol, egg, dairy, nuts

****SOLD OUT SORRY! ****