We recently relaunched our Monoporzione (monos) in select stores, after many years on hiatus. The range may be new, but Messina monos have been around since the early days.  We still had customers asking about our mini mushrooms 8 years after their release, so it's safe to say they were still being mourned.

But in the spirit of Christmas, we've made an even newer collection of our favourite Christmas flavours, packaged into three mini but mighty gelato cakes.


Pain d'epices spiced sponge, mocha orange gelato, orange cremeux and spiced cream, topped with a Messina chocolate bow


Tart shell filled with strawberry gel, strawberry gelato, pistachio fudge, pistachio praline, vanilla gelato and pistachio ganache, topped with a coconut marshmallow


Coconut chantilly with cherry gel, chewy coconut and crushed meringue, coated in desiccated coconut and garnished with an edible scarf

You can purchase this set of three delightful cakes from: Darling Square, Rosebery, Fitzroy, South Brisbane and Braddon, until stocks last. We have very limited stock available, so don't delay if you want to enjoy the fruits of Santa's labour.

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