This Year's Flavour:

This year we've gone for sticky date & toffee - layers of caramel cremeux with sticky date & toffee pudding, crème fraîche chantilly and chocolate coated biscuit crumble, all topped with a hand-made white chocolate chocolate wreath.

Serves: 20 - 30

Price: $250

What else do you get in your Christmas pack?

  • Trifle (obvs)
  • 1L bottle of Messina brandy custard
  • Messina print cooler bag
  • Assorted white, milk and dark chocolate panned nuts and goodies – pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts, salted peanuts, macadamias, panettone, raisins and cranberries.

Trifle allergens: dairy, gelatine, gluten, nuts, egg, alcohol, soy

Custard allergens: egg, dairy, alcohol

Panned nuts allergens: nuts :), soy

Storage instructions: the trifle should be stored frozen, the custard should be stored in the fridge. You'll receive serving instructions in the box with your trifle

Trifle Serving Instructions: On the day, take out of the freezer and leave at room temperature for 2 - 3 hours before serving (depending on the outside temperature). Give it a poke to test how soft it is, it should be cold, soft and easily spoonable. If you don’t eat all the trifle, you can re-freeze, or keep in the fridge for up to 3 days.

Custard Serving Instructions: Store in the fridge. Before serving, open the lid and let the air in, place the lid back on tightly and shake vigorously. The custard is ready to pour! Use within 5 days of opening. If unopened, follow the use by date on the bottle.

Trifle Bowl Dimensions: 22cm (diameter), 12cm (h) so make sure it fits in ya freezer!

All stock is now sold out

Store collection:

All orders will be pre-orders for collection in your chosen store between 21 - 24 December.

Marrickville is a Christmas Coma collection point only, unfortunately there won't be a store or gelato available.

Messina App Points:

Yes you can get Messina App points for your Christmas Coma purchase! Unique codes for any purchases will be emailed out on 17th November. If you're not a Messina App user, now's the perfect time to sign up.

Cancellation Policy:

We're unable to offer cancellations of the Christmas Coma, as they are all custom made.