We really love giving people that warm and fuzzy feeling in the stomach (aka a stomach boner). So, for any gelato hire packages booked in Sydney for this June or July (cart/stand/caravan etc.), we'll look after you by adding your choice of two different hot caramel and fudges to your package, ON US!

Once you've picked your all-time fave gelato flavours, you'll have your choice of adding one of the following hot caramel or fudges:

- Choc hazelnut
- Dulce de Leche
- Peanut
- Pistachio

Packages start from 100 scoops and go right up to 3,000+. But best of all, you'll get your very own Messina pop up at your home/office/function.

Still need help with excuses to hire a cart? How about that upcoming EOFY party, wedding, GoT viewing party, company thank you or gelato eating competition you're planning? There are literally no bad excuses!

A scoop of Gelato Messina's pistachio gelato, being poured with hot chocolate fudge.

Offer valid for Sydney events only.