You were all too quick. Our pre-order Messinatella Cookie Pies are now sold out. There'll be a very limited amount of pies available in stores from Thursday 11th June.  Sign up to our mailing list to be in the know!

With all of that Greatest Hits action, you might have forgotten about our BAKE AT HOME Cookie Pies, but we haven't. This week's levelled up choc-chip pie is stuffed with none other than our handmade Messinatella spread.

Get ready to jump back on the pre-order pie action. The choc-chip classic that started our bake-at-home frenzy, has had a makeover and it's even more delicious, gooey and oozy (if that's possible). Bung it in the oven for 15-20, watch it bubble and brown and dig into a melted, saucy choz-hazelnut centre. Top with your favourite scoops and voila!
*Available at all stores except Coolangatta and The Star.


  1. Pre-order your MESSINATELLA COOKIE PIE (contains nuts, gluten, eggs & dairy) using the link below
  2. Choose your pick up day and time from any of our stores (except The Star or Coolangatta) over 4 days, from 11th – 14th June (i.e. less frantic, less desperation)
  3. Add your gelato and feel smug you’ve taken advantage of one of our take home tub bundle offers — its a frickin bargain
  4. Come 11th – 14th June, waltz on into your preferred Messina and pick up what's rightfully yours. You've got this!

The Bundles:

Choc-Chip Cookie Pie on it's own - $20

Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 500ml tub - $28 (would be $34.80, save $6.80)

Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 1ltr tub - $34 (would be $44.80, save $10.80)

Choc-Chip Cookie Pie + 1.5ltr - $39 (would be $49, save $10.00)

We hope that by spreading the stock across 'pre-ordered pick up', we might just flatten the pie curve and eradicate people losing their minds because they didn’t get a pie. To be fair, its bloody delicious and you do need one.

Refunds on Pre-Ordered Products
If you need to cancel your order, you can do so by notifying us 2 days before your pick up date. To cancel, please email with your order number.

App Points
If you already have the Messina app, you don't have to do anything. We'll email your points a few days after purchasing the cookie pie.

Don't have our app? Need a bit of convincing? Every time you make a purchase in store with our mobile app or buy select products through our website, you'll receive 10 Messina App points per dollar you spend. You're the boss of your points. They add up to free gelato and other cool things which you can redeem as and when you please. Download the Messina app before 9am Monday 8th June to claim your cookie pie points.