Fancy a Fairy Bread Shake?

First, there were our standard shakes, which we’ve been doing since way back. Then we introduced our SHAKE SPECIALS and boy, have they been delicious. This month, the specials are here to excite the kid in all of us. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, we’ve gone and outdone ourselves.

Introducing FAIRY BREAD (no explanation needed) and PIECE-A-CAKE: choc chip gelato, choc mud cake, choc cake crumble. They’re now available in stores, so cancel your plans and make new ones!

Gelato Messina's Piece-A-Cake Shake Special

PIECE-A-CAKE – Choc chip gelato, chocolate mud cake and chocolate cake crumble (dairy, egg, gluten, nuts)

Gelato Messina's Fairy Bread Shake Special

FAIRY BREAD – Vanilla gelato, Italian sponge cake, sprinkles and fairy bread crumble (dairy, egg, gluten)

And here to stay is, THE CLASSIC – Dulce de leche gelato & white choc hazelnut gelato with a shot of coffee (dairy, nuts)

They’ll only be around for a limited time, so make sure to try them before they’re gone. Find your nearest store here.