We're so saddened to see the terrible bush fires that are destroying our country and affecting so many.

This Christmas some people will not have homes to go back to, or their livestock to look after and so many volunteers and firefighters will be helping to save other peoples lives and properties in place of spending the holidays with their families.

As a small gesture of help, we've made 60 more Christmas Comas which we're selling to raise funds to help those in need. ALL PROCEEDS from these sales will go to the NSW Rural Fire Services, The Red Cross and WIRES. We hope to raise $10,200 if we sell them all, so if you haven't already or missed out on our first release, now's the time.

They're only available at Fitzroy (Melb) and Rosebery (Syd).

Buy a trifle, and while you're at it, write an angry letter to your local MP or ScoMo, the man himself.

Email him here: