Merry Christmas, ya filthy animals. And a Happy New Year and all of that. Before we ring it in, here are some of the best things which happened at Messina in 2018.

It was a pretttttty busy year for us - in 2018 we scooped over 4 million scoops to our lovely customers - give your local Messina scooper high five next time you see them...

There was a whole heap of other great stuff that happened in 2018. Here's the scoop (sorry couldn't help it).

  1. We finally started to supply our own milk, grow our own strawberries and produce our own dulce de leche. Yes we scooped over 4 million scoops, but things have been going from strength to strength on our mission to make the best possible gelato we can. All our gelato is made with our own jersey milk, which has a delicious creamy flavour.
  2. We opened a store in Canberra (to the delight of our Exec. Head Chef who hails from the Capital). We now have stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra.
  3. We managed to get an entire festival worth of stock stuck in New Zealand customs before Auckland Night Noodle Markets - whoopise. Don't worry Christchurch - we'll have a full menu for you in February 2019!
  4. We ran our first ever Messina Eats Breakfast where our in-house chefs made everything from the savoury right through to the sweet. Our factory in Rosebery houses lots of very talented chefs who work making your gelato - lots of them have extra culinary talents too so it was fun to make things other than gelato for the day. More coming up for Messina Eats in 2019...
  5. We launched our 2nd year of Messina inspired Tim Tams after the first year went down the storm. Only a few left we believe...
  6. Messina Print budgy smugglers became a real thing on the harbours of Sydney
  7. We made Messina print socks. Back in stores very soon - add your name the waitlist if you wanna hear when their back...
  8. We sold more Christmas Coma Christmas trifles than ever before - this year hit 650 (and meant some long hours in the kitchen for the Messina chefs!)
  9. We got sent a cease and desist by Maccas. Soz Maccas. We were only paying homage to your delightful breakfast menu.
  10. We launched a brand new range of gelato cakes. After 3 months (or more) of development in our kitchens, we relaunched our entire range of gelato cakes (apart from the Dr Evil's Magic Mushroom). It was the first time we'd re-done them in about 10 years. This time we've even added three 'Trans Cakes' to the range (The Slab, Boysenberry Cheesecake, and Tiramisu Tart) which can all travel up to 3 hours and still taste highly delicious. P.S. Trans Cakes have to be kept in the fridge if you want the longer travel time.

There was plenty more highs (and some lows) but that's enough for now. We've got some very exciting things coming up in 2019. Thanks to all our customers, family, friends & fellow ice cream eaters who continue to support us. You're pretty good.