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Tramsheds is one of Sydney’s lost treasures, which has now been restored to its former glory.

The abandoned 1904 Tramway Depot famed for it’s graffiti has now relaunched as Harold Park TRAMSHEDS, Glebe – designed specifically to house a hand selected bunch of Australia’s finest providers and purveyors of food innovation.

The site’s history has provided some interesting inspo for Messina founder Nick Palumbo. As well as being a mad scientist with an obsession for gelato, Nick is also a self described ‘frustrated architect’.  You may have noticed our most recent stores are getting more and more 70’s with a dose of art deco in them…another one of Nick’s obsessions. Don’t worry there aren’t too many more.

Before every Messina opening, Nick disappears from the office, sets up camp on site (grows a questionable beard) and doesn’t leave that site until the Messina is open for business.

We made him answer some questions for us…


Where do you draw inspiration from? “The integrity of the site/location, paves the way. I got goosebumps walking into the dilapidated original warehouse – knowing that we would be part of one of Sydney’s coolest locations.  You’ve got to see what’s already in there and work with it,  I never gut a site completely.

Our stores are designed to look ‘lived in’ and warm which always involves earthy elements; lots of wood, stone, glass and concrete.  They’re created to look like they’ve been running for a year or two and fit snugly into their surroundings – no bright fluorescent  lights or shiny white bench tops here!”.

What features are unique to Messina Tramsheds? .

“I got hand made replica tram seats to line the outdoor seating area for the store. Also our gelato cabinet was inspired by a steam/ railway Locomotive. All our cabinets come from Italy, but this ones pretty special.

We also wanted to keep as much of the original depot graffiti as we could. We got one of the artists to  come  back and touch up the remains of his work from decades ago so you’ll see it on the walls of our store.

There’s also a free standing cake display, replicated from a tram ticket booth.  This was a last minute add on, but it fits the space. My chippy nearly killed me making it!”

In Messina custom, Tramsheds will have our full 40 flavours (including 5 rotating specials) and our full selection of gelato cakes. Each store’s a little different. Have a look next time you’re in for a scoop.

We’ll have a special flavour in all stores this week to commemorate our first week at Tramsheds:

TRAM CITY B*TCH  – Caramelised malt gelato with caramel miso brownie

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