Shut the FRIDGE door. We’ve done it again…

We liked our first Tim Tam collab SO much, we’ve created another collection with Arnott’s – three new Tim Tam flavours inspired by our gelato flavours for 2018.

Turkish Delight, Choc Cherry Coconut and Iced Coffee

We dug back into our flavour archive for the new flavours – some of you may remember Messina Specials such as Persian Rocky Road (cue inspo for Turkish Delight), 1985 (now a Choc Cherry Coconut Tim Tam) or our Coffee gelato, a classic flavour in the cabinet. We tinkered and tailored the flavours with the experts at Tim Tam to turn them into three new biscuits, and they’re down right delicious if we don’t say so ourselves. This year, try putting them in the fridge before scoffing them…


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Where can you buy them? In any good supermarket near you from Australia Day 2018

How did this happen?

Way back in 2015, we got an email from Tim Tam HQ. To be completely honest, we thought they were telling us to stop making one of our specials called ‘Tim Tam Slam’ (which is a killer mix of coffee gelato with chocolate biscuits, chocolate buttercream and chocolate chip sauce – we make our own Tim Tam’s in house for it). Instead, they wanted to talk to us about co-creating a range of ACTUAL Tim Tams with them. And who would say no to that! Get us to the Tim Tam factory now…we did our first range of 4 flavours – Salted Caramel & Vanilla, Choc Mint, Black Forest and Coconut & Lychee which launched in 2017. The range sold so well (hurrah!), Tim Tam asked us to come back for round 2…and here we are. The new range is out in all good supermarkets near you from Australia Day 2018 with 3 new flavours inspired by our gelato flavours. Keep ’em the the fridge…


After extensive testing and trialing, a full range of Tim Tam Inspired by Gelato Messina was born. They took about a year in the making – from testing with our chefs here at Messina HQ, to making our own Tim Tams in the Tim Tam bakery there was a lot of tinkering, tweaking and tasting of the flavours to make sure everyone was happy. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it!

For us it was a challenge to make a biscuit which was inspired by our flavours. We make gelato – and gelato isn’t going to last long on the shelves of your local Coles or Wollies. We had to work on flavours which taste like our gelato but can be sandwiches between two biscuits and coated in delicious chocolate and that won’t be a melted mess by the time you come to eat them. It was crucial to us that the biscuits stayed true to Messina’s ethos of quality – being able to taste distinct flavours, made from the best ingredients.


At Messina, we make everything for our gelato from scratch. Each of our gelato flavours has its own recipe, plus our in house bakery team bake all our gooey brownies, coulis & sauces in house which are churned into our flavours. If there’s mint in a flavour, we cold press it here, if there are pistachios we find the best ones we can and use the real nuts. Working with the Tim Tam development team, we’ve taken all this flavour knowledge and made something that will tingle your taste buds in biscuit form.

We hope you like it. Who’s tried a Tim Tam slam?

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