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Here at Messina we make what we call ‘specials’. To a Messina novice, this means 5 new flavours per week ON TOP of the 35 flavours which are always in our cabinets any day of the week. We like to give you  a bit of choice, so there’s 40 in total at all times.

Every Monday – Friday, one new flavour goes into the cabinet and stays in for 1 week only. So, if you visit a store any week day, there’ll always be something new on offer. 5 specials, 7 days of the week.

What makes a ‘MESSINA SPECIAL’?

Anything goes for a Messina special – smashed up cheesecake, cookies, red velvet cake, caramel, honeycomb, coulis, fudges, wafers, brownies…we’re not afraid to add bacon, nachos, potato chips…pretty much anything can be made into a delicious Messina special in the hands of our Head Chef Donato Toce.

We like a good crunch, a sprinkling of textures and killer flavour combos. We’re also partial to ‘recreating’ something as a gelato – we’ve made everything from banoffee pie, iced vovos, margaritas, fairy bread, JD & coke to our version of a golden gaytime (since renamed as unileave-us-alone after an imminent law suit).

We’ve probably made about 2500 different flavours so far and aren’t out yet…


Our friends at MiniSumo made this awesome (and scientifically accurate video…) for us to show you just how the specials get from our Head Chef Donato’s head into the cabinet.

How do I know what specials are on sale?

You can check out our instagram or facebook – we post a picture of the special every Monday – Friday to try and tempt you into a store. Alternatively, you can actually just go to a store and taste them all in real life 🙂


Don’t mourn just yet, we resurrect some of our most tongue tantalising flavours back from the dead now and again. Here’s some of what’s filled our cabinets over the last few years.

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