At Messina, we love eating. Gelato + SO MUCH other good food. It was our love of eating that led us to start MESSINA EATS, a monthly (or so) two-day pop up event which brings some of our favourite and the most f*cking delicious food creators we could think of to Sydney. They look after the lunch & dinner and we handle dessert.

It’s held at our Rosebery HQ in Sydney (just a carpark really, but we snazz it up. Hey – that’s where all great parties start right?). Expect lots (and lots) of food.

NEXT MESSINA EATS:  announced soon


“We can’t stop here, this is pie country”

The first Messina Eats of 2017 kicks off with one of Australia’s great loves. PIE COUNTRY is coming to town.

In a rare appearance, the pie masters of PIE COUNTRY are descending upon Rosebery for 1 day only to bring you a selection of house made pies, mash, mushy peas, gravy, mac & cheese, and of course, we’ll be providing dessert – deep fried apple pie and fresh vanilla soft serve.

Come and fulfil your pie desires before they’re never to be seen again.

When: Saturday 18th March 2017. 12pm – late.

Where: Messina HQ, 58 Mentmore Avenue, Rosebery

Our friends at Deliveroo will also be offering a limited number of pies for pre-order from Friday at 12pm and delivery on the day. We’ll be posting the link in the Facebook event for ordering soon!

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The story of PIE COUNTRY …

There once was a young chef called Tom….young Tom worked for Gelato Messina many, many years ago, when he was just a whippersnapper. He left to join the circus (not really) but has returned to us a (much older), wiser, and a honed pie master. We like to call him the Pie Master General.

Since his return to the Messina kitchens a few months ago, he now heads up our gelato and pastry team. But his love for pie making hasn’t gone unnoticed, often filling Messina HQ with the sweet smells of freshly baked pie. And these aren’t any ordinary pies. Think pastry so good it melts in the mouth, think 12 hour slow cooked lamb, think pies loaded with nachos, guacamole and tortilla chips, think deep fried apple pies and fresh vanilla soft serve.

These are the pies we want to bring to you and your stomachs. This Messina Eats, we’re a one man band – we’re making the savoury and the sweets.

This is a Messina Eats not to be missed.

In PIE COUNTRY, everybody knows your name,
In PIE COUNTRY, they’re always glad you came

For this is pie country, and things will never be the same.


MESSINA EATS: Pie country


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