2-11 MARCH

WHERE: Reconciliation Place
WHEN: Weekdays: 5pm – lateWeekends: 4pm – late

Canberra – we loved visiting you so much for Spilt Milk that we’re returning for Night Noodle Markets this March with our epic JAPANESE GAMESHOW dessert stand. Complete with FOUR exclusive best sellers AND the USELESS WHEEL of SPINNING HAPPINESS – both useless and happy making at the same time; what more could you need?

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Laneway Festival – Sundae Night Fever

Sundae Night Fever - Disco Cube

Pack your disco shoes and flares, because if you’ve got tickets to laneway, you’re about to be immersed in SUNDAE NIGHT FEVER.

We’ve buddied up with Deliveroo to create the ultimate experiential disco infinity room and gelato sundae station to match – so you can continue your edible disco experience throughout the fields of Laneway.

Line up, boogie on into the holographic disco cube and shut the camouflaged door.  You’ll have 1 minute to take a bunch of selfies on our automated photo booth, on exit you’ll leave with printed polaroids and your very own digital GIF,  just in time to make all your friends jealous.

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Messina’s famous Disco Biscuits are coming to Sydney for the first time via the SYDNEY FESTIVAL Meriton Village.  Part biscuit, part gelato, part disco – these babies are the ultimate textural pairing and DF partner.

Sydney Festival is offering a huge array of ticketed performing arts and music events + there’ll be free performances and Dj’s every night whilst you feast, drink and mingle in the Meriton Village.  Or if you fancy something a little more  extreme; drop into the mini fun park filled with bizarre attractions – a virtual reality Ghost Train, Karaoke Carousel, join an express Dance Party or go for a dip in the Village Pools.

Boogie on into our pop up store from Friday 5th Jan 5pm to get the first taste – we’ll be setup for three short weeks; until Sunday 28th Jan ( and you won’t want to miss out, just have a squiz at those cross sections below).

WHERE: Hyde Park North, Sydney Festival Meriton Village

WHEN: Friday 5th – 28th Jan, 4:30pm till late

SATURDAY NUT FEVER - sydney festivalSATURDAY NUT FEVER – Choc hazelnut fudge, hazelnut and white chocolate gelato, wafers, milk chocolate dip, feuilletine and hazelnut praline crunch

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If it’s one thing an ice cream company needs, it’s an ice cream van….on Bondi Beach…

Welcome…MESSINA ON WHEELS – our newly revamped ice cream van (well gelato van) ready to enhance your summer vibes on Bondi Beach. This piece of retro magic will be rolling down to it’s permanent home on North Bondi Beach every sunny day this summer, so whether you’re taking a dip with the kids, or knocking back some sun downers on the grassy knowl (brah), you can now find our N I N E custom made gelato items on sale to quench your ice cream needs without even leaving the beach.

Our new creations hark back to some of our summer favourites, some of which are still going strong. We’ve recreated them the Messina way, and tweaked the recipe just so, to make sure they are the best of the best on the beach. See the full menu below…

Operating times do vary depending on the weather and school holidays so if you see him, go try the creams of your dreams from our new semi perm site on the beach this summer.

bondi_van_18.1.18 (1 of 1)

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DELIVEROO EDITIONS…open for business

Deliveroo Editions is open for business…and it’s giving you even more reason to be a lazy b*stard and not leave the couch.

There are no tables or waiters in this restaurant – this is a delivery concept where you literally do sit back, and let us do all the work.

Inside the mystical Deliveroo Editions kitchen (the first site is in Windsor, Melbourne) are some some mouth watering morsels from 8Bit, Baby & Kong ready for order. We’ve made five handmade custom products ready for order too – add them to your savoury food order or just order Messina for dinner. No judgement.

ORDER HERE *you must be in the delivery area

** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: FROM WEDNESDAY 29TH NOV, the good people of Deliveroo are giving away Messina items with the first 1000 savoury orders. First come, happiest diners**


EAT YOUR HEART OUT: Strawberry gelato & blackberry gel covered in red chocolate dip and freeze dried raspberries

Deliveroo_Editions_Products (7 of 12)

THE MILO HIGH CLUB: Malted milk gelato layered with malted chocolate sauce & dusted with Messina made milo

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Night Noodle Markets – Auckland (NZ)


Gelato Messina is going on it’s first ever  field trip to New Zealand; where we’ll be stationed at Night Noodle Markets Auckland – ready for all you North Island dwellers to come and visit us.

If you haven’t been to visit one of our 16 stores over in Australia and you’re not sure what we’re all about… keep reading!  Since opening in Darlinghurst (Sydney) in 2002, we’ve put all our energy into the creative and experimentation process – aiming to set the benchmark for gelato in Australia.

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Just in case you haven’t seen the decorations flood your local shopping centre yet, not only is Christmas on its way, it’s less than 5 weeks away!

No need to lie to yourself, we know you haven’t even started thinking about pressies, but don’t worry, we’ve got your back… The Big Design Market is coming and it’s bigger and better than ever.

The mother of all markets is the ultimate festive season shopping destination and the perfect place to get some DIY gifting ideas and keep the kids happily occupied.

Spend your day or even weekend exploring stalls from 200 independent designers or book into a killer workshop; bound to get those creative juices flowing. There’ll also be kiddie activities, showbags, prizes and art installations to gawk at.

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DISCO BISCUITS are coming to Canberra

Screen Shot 2017-11-21 at 6.18.56 pm

Disco nights are coming to Canberra.  Popping up for one day only at SPLIT MILK and then for 10 days at THE COMMONS street feast, we’re hand-making Messina Disco Biscuits for the good people of Canberra.

Let the likes of Dune Rats and Tash Saltana bring the party to the dance floor at SPILT MILK, and we’ll take care of the party in your mouth.

If you didn’t get tickets to SPILT MILK, you can catch us with disco balls and all at THE COMMONS – a free 10 days long food festival from Thurs 30 Nov – Sun 10 Dec 2017 in Commonwealth Park.  We’ll be there along with meaty gods Mary’s & Hoy Pinoy who’ll satisfy your savoury cravings good and proper. You can see the full food line up here.

Messina Disco Biscuits are good wholesome fun for all the fam. We’ve made three types – each one a delectable combination of gelato, biscuit bases and chocolate sure to get a party started on any night of the week. We hand make each ‘biscuit’ using our own house made chocolate, biscuits and sauces from our bakery, and of course our own gelato.

Don’t buy drugs kids, buy disco biscuitz.


SATURDAY NUT FEVER Choc hazelnut fudge, hazelnut and white chocolate gelato, wafers, milk chocolate dip, feuilletine and hazelnut praline crunch

Crumb X Section

AFTER DISCO MINT Mint gelato, mint fudge, chocolate coated rice bubbles and dark chocolate dip

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Get ready Melbourne, we’re bringing our JAPANESE GAMESHOW dessert tent straight to Birrarung Marr. Complete with FOUR exclusive new desserts AND the USELESS WHEEL of SPINNING HAPPINESS – both useless and happy making at the same time; what more could you need?

Well there is more actually… we’ve got two sites this year.


Our deep fried gelato katsu sandwich! Sudachi lime gelato coated in red velvet cake and panko crumbs sandwiched in fluffy white bread with yuzu sauce


Japanese cheesecake, strawberry & cherry blossom cream, strawberry meringue, strawberries & strawberry gelato


Black sesame gelato, condensed milk coffee jelly, miso crunch, banana miso bread, vanilla cream and coffee powder


O-NO-GIRI – $10
Green tea gelato & pistachio mousse dipped in rice bubbles & white chocolate



Melbourne Night Noodle Markets

Our beloved Van will be selling the OH-NO-GIRI + we’re bringing back a crowd favourite – IT’S SHER-BERTH-DAY.

White chocolate lined cone filled with mango sherbet, vanilla cream & mango jellies – dipped in white chocolate.


All this is happening exclusively at the Night Noodle Markets in Birrarung Marr, Melbourne, 9-26th October. Each of our menu items is custom made, in house in the Messina kitchens. Good Food Month made this video about the HUMANS OF MESSINA making your desserts here.



Roll up roll up for the useless game of spinning happiness! Every time the bell rings, one lucky customer at our stand will be chosen to spin the wheel of USELESS SPINNING HAPPINESS! Will you win the ‘high quality’ take away chopsticks? Could it be the Hello Kitty Tattoo sourced from the exclusive EBAY? Or perhaps the bag Lucky Bag of intriguing yet Useless Prizes? Behold….the USELESS SPINNING HAPPINESS will tell your fortune!

** We reserve the right to change the rules in this useless game.

Night Noodle Markets open on Thursday 9th November at Birrarung Marr, Melbourne. More info here


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An a-moozing pop-up with Deliveroo: MESSINA MILK

“If you need lots of milk, buy lots of cows” said the someone in the Messina office in 2016.

A Messina we make all our dairy-based gelato flavours with fresh milk – every.single.messina.flavour gets made from scratch with no pastes or gels in sight. And to do that we get through A LOT of milk – the numbers rack up to approximately 10,000 litres of milk each week which makes around 60,000 scoops for you to eat in store. (All of our sorbets are vegan and dairy free just incase you were wondering).

If you’ve every wondered about the difference between gelato & ice cream – aren’t the just the same thing with different names?? Find out here

Messina Milk

Based on our obsession of making the best product we possibly can, came the next step in the Messina journey…buying our own dairy farm so we can supply our own milk. Based in Numurkah in Country Victoria is Erindale Farm, now home to 270 jersey cows which will soon be ready to supply milk for our gelato. We’re not QUITE ready for that yet – the cows are still in rehearsals and learning their lines, but we have got a very small batch for you to try. And what better to do with milk, than to make choccy milk!

Look no further than Infinity Field, brought to you by those very teal roos at Deliveroo. Ever wanted to try a Messina iced coffee, how about salted caramel milk? In collaboration with Deliveroo we bring you a cool place to take photos which makes you look like you’re in a field somewhere in the depths of Numerkah (note, we know the skies not teal out there, the colours just take amazing selfies) and The Messina Milk Bar.

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