WATCH how our HOT CROSS BUN gelato is made.

It’s been a busy week of baking at Messina HQ; we’ve made thousands of fresh hot cross buns in house, buttered them and then smashed them all up ready to be freshly churned into our gelato in your nearest Messina store.
AVAILABLE from today for one week only (and once in the whole year), this spiced, buttery, extra chunky gelato is sure to get you in the mood for Easter eating… and an extra long weekend!

HOT CROSS BUNS: Hot cross bun gelato smashed with buttered hot cross buns

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This year, the golden geese have been busy! On loan from Mr Wonka himself, our Easter Egg this year is for spoiling yourself rotten, whether you’re a good egg or a bad one.

There’s no oyster stew or steak that no one else would chew in our golden egg.  Just like Willy, we’ve opted for salted caramel gelato, milk chocolate crunch and passionfruit caramel ganache; sealed with the Oompa Loompa’s approval.

Avoid a Veruca worthy temper tantrum and get the golden egg your inner spoilt brat deserves.


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brisbane store

Brisbane, the wait is over. No more trawling through the the inner city markets and pop ups to see where we’ll be frantically scooping for a day – we now have permanent gelato digs, so you can come and visit us whenever your heart desires.

With the potential to be our flagship store, this beauty is one of our designers proudest moments.  Nick Palumbo; Messina’s founder and self described ‘frustrated architect’ has created quite the masterpiece, along with Vie Studio – amping up his design specs to do justice to The Melbourne Residences brand new retail space.  The vibe is juxtaposed somewhere between an Apple Store and your (cool) grandma’s retro living room – with 9m high concrete walls and ceilings, 70’s mahogany panels and geometric wooden built in cake cabinets.  It wouldn’t be a Messina store without polished concrete floors, an expansive bright red cabinet filled with 35 flavours and 5 specials and a whole lotta light streaming in from the floor to ceiling glass.

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PERTH night noodle markets

We’re popping up in Perth for the first time ever for Night Noodle Markets in March.  Come and get your hands on the first and only Messina concoctions to grace Western Australia  – they won’t last long!

There’ll be 20 hawker style market stalls with an array of mouth-watering asian cuisines on offer.  Our Perth menu is a selection of our Sydney and Melbourne Night Noodle Market best sellers; including our numero uno deep fried spiced banana gelato on a bed of mango pudding, drizzled with passionfruit caramel.

See you there!

WHEN: 22nd March – 2nd April
WHERE: Elizabeth Quay, Perth
OPENING HOURS: Weekdays: 5-late, weekends: 4-late


GREAT BALLS OF FRYER – deep fried spiced banana gelato, on a bed of mango pudding, drizzled with passionfruit caramel

great balls of fryer - night noodle markets canberra

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For one day only*, we’ll be showcasing some of our most delectable gelato treats at the Brisbane Ice Cream Festival – fittingly inside the historic Peters Ice Cream Factory.

If you managed to get your hands on tickets, be prepared to have your wildest nostalgic dreams come to life – with 16 ice cream, pastry and dessert vendors lining up their crowd pleasers.

And if you’re one who needs a little savoury  before you devour 6 different kinds of ice cream, checkout the 3 tasty food trucks beforehand: King of the Wings, Micasa Food Truck and Rolls Pho Mi.

* If you missed out on tickets, don’t get your knickers in a knot – we’ll be opening our first Brissy store towards the end of March… you can eat our gelato to your heart’s content.  Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know!

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Canberra, we’re coming to the Night Noodle Markets

Canberra. We’re a comin’ for you.

There’s now no need to troll your Sydney or Melbourne based friends and their Instagram accounts, or plan a road trip up or down the coast – Messina is coming to you, our dear friends in the capital.

For 10 days only, we’re setting up the Messina LUCKY LUCKY FORTUNE BAR at the Enlighten Night Noodle Markets in Reconciliation Park.

We’re bringing our best selling deep fried ice cream ball (with a new addition of spiced banana gelato), plus two new menu items devised especially for the markets.

WHEN: 3RD-12TH MARCH, 5pm-9pm (weekdays), 5pm till midnight (weekends)

WHERE: Reconciliation Place, Canberra 

P.S. if you’ve got friends in Perth, that’s the next stop on our Night Noodle Market tour this year… we’ll be heading over to WA from 22nd March.

Here’s what’s on the menu:

GREAT BALLS OF FRYER – deep fried spiced banana gelato, on a bed of mango pudding, drizzled with passionfruit caramel

great balls of fryer - night noodle markets canberra

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We can’t resist a good Chinese New Year Celebration, especially if it involves red lanterns and Bao Stop.

This week we’ll be setting up shop at Martin Place within the Lunar Lantern Hub for a 2 week pop up. If you’re having trouble spotting us; look out for our big green Gelato Van, adorned in chinese lanterns and decorations.  There’ll also be baos and peking duck fries from Bao Stop, cocktails from the Taylor’s pop-up bar or if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed, sit down for a friendly game of Mahjong.


The concept on offer is a Build Your Own Gelato Sandwich Bar.  If you come along, you’ll be able to choose from 1 of 3 cookies, gelato flavours and sauces to top off your creation.

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Spilt Milk Messina Soup tins

We’re making our first appearance in the big capital… Canberra!

Spilt Milk all day and all night –  music, food and art festival is kicking off on the 3rd December at the Commonwealth Park.  You’ll find us in our custom built MESSINA SOUP KITCHEN selling our hand made gelato soup tins.

There’s four flavours to pick from, varying from the creamy, to the nutty and the fruity – there’s even a boozy one!

If you miss us at Spilt Milk, we’ll also be at The Commons Street Feast from the 9th-18th December daily form 5pm-10pm with yep you guessed it… more tins!

RCC MENU gelato messina

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Pop Up at the Myer Giftorium

Need to get last minute Christmas gifts? or looking for an excuse to try our one off gelato Christmas creations? Come down to our POP UP stand at the Myer Giftorium between now and 24th December to find a wonderland of personalised gifts and edible delights.

We’ve created two custom creations, designed to both bring out the kid in all of us and keep the actual kids quiet:

SANTA’S ANTI-TANTY: Milk choc lined cone, strawberry gelato, white & red choc dip & peppermint candy.

BUILD YOUR OWN REINDEER: Choose from a butter or choc cookie, vanilla or milk choc gelato and add your personality with confectionary eyes, ears and noses!

WHEN: 21st November – 24th December

WHERE: Sydney & Melbourne CBD Myer Giftorium


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Ni hao, kon’nichiwa, sawatdee-kah!! We chimed into our oriental origins and asked our chefs to come up with the most VERY VERY GOOD creations they could think of; to bring you the best lucky dip of Asian desserts for NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS 2016! and so the VERY VERY GOOD LUCKY FORTUNE BAR was born.

Over three weeks in the best season of the year (food festival season), you’ll be able to get your hands on four exclusive, extra sticky Messina treats!

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