Night Noodle Markets – Sydney 2018

Night Noodle Markets is driving back into town for another year, and this time our menu has gone full Filo.

No, everything isn’t wrapped in filo pastry (just one of them), but we’ve been inspired by the taste and smells of the Philippines (and our smokey neighbours at Hoy Pinoy) when making this year’s desserts.

Of course, no visit to the Philippines is complete without a ride on a ‘Jeepney’ – the Filipino’s WAY more colourful version of our no. 333 bus – which has inspired our stand design this year.  Let’s just say it won’t be hard to find us in Hyde Park!

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It seems Messina print socks were more popular than we thought and sold out in record time!

More are on their way – if you want to be the first to know when they arrive, add your name to the waitlist here:

Socks for Father’s Day…a cliche? Yeah maybe…but what about Messina Print socks? We’ve made a very limited run of Messina print socks just in time for this Sunday.

Get them for your dad, or yourself in the below stores before they’re all gone. $12 with any tub, $20 without one. Available in one size – mens 6-10.

Rosebery, Bondi, Tramsheds, Darlinghurst, Surry Hills, Circular Quay

Fitzroy, Windsor

South Brisbane


Messina Print Socks

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Finally, a festival where it’s your duty to eat dessert for breakfast, lunch and dinner, that is if you want to make the most of your ticket.

The Smooth Festival of Chocolate is doing things a little differently this year.  They got soooo big that they’ve uprooted and moved the ticketed event to Sydney Olympic Park Showground.  Only to ensure that they could bring even more delicious and entertaining options including; us, Knefeh Bakery, Donut Papi, Koi Desserts.

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FREE DULCE DE LECHE with your Deliveroo x Messina purchase

Get your phones ready, from today until stocks last we’re giving you a special gift with any Messina order via Deliveroo.

This is no ordinary gift, my friends.  You’ll be getting a jar of our Dulce De Leche which you can do whatever you like with, in the privacy of your own home.

We recommend the said jar be consumed in a variety of ways:

  • smother it on your, morning toast/snack toast/dinner toast
  • Add it to gelato – warm up the dulce de leche gently, then add a dollop to your favourite Messina flavour
  • Eat straight from the jar (spoon optional)
  • Don’t listen to us.  Invent your own vice and fill us in, we’re all ears.

If you’re sitting there thinking – what’s all the fuss about this Dulce spread… read on!

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For some reason this seems to come round in 3 year cycles for us. Not sure why, but it’s probably because the changes we make are often significant and can take a while to have an effect.  Will explain a bit more below. We’ve never liked the idea of regular or annual prices increases and we always try to stave off price increases as long as we can, but at some point the time comes.

 We’ve decided not to increase everything on the menu. We’ve just picked the items that we think have some room to move or are more affected by the factors set out below.  In fact, when it comes to scoops, only the tiny and the 1 scoop have increased by 50c. We are going to be as upfront and transparent about the reasons why below.. so here goes. It’s long.


The main reason for the price increase is the cost of production we incur as we move to supplying our own high quality ingredients.  Some of you may or may not be aware but we now supply and produce a lot of our own staple ingredients. 

For example, we supply our own milk from our very own dairy farm. We also have a hazelnut farm, we make our own chocolate, we produce our own dulce de leche, and farm our own strawberries.  It’s something we are enjoying and truly believe in, but the reality is, it’s a very costly and labour intensive way to produce gelato.


The biggest expense by far is our milk. As of about 3 weeks ago we became completely self sufficient when it comes to milk supply (thats about 10,000 – 12,000 Litres per week).

We now have a dairy farm which runs a herd of approx. 350 Jersey Cows and we are very proud to say we produce some of the most amazing milk you will taste.
Jersey Cows are renowned for an exceptionally high quality milk. In fact, it’s regarded as the best milk you can get.

Our cows are completely pasture fed on grass, lucerne, and clover. They are never grain fed, and although we are not ‘certified organic’ we follow organic best practice so our cows are as happy as can be. They are only milked only once a day which means they are less stressed and as it turns out, results in an even higher quality milk (with more cream), which is exactly what we are after.   The volumes are significantly less than you would get milking 2-3 times a day (about 40% less), which is fine as we are not at the mercy of the big milk processors like the poor dairy farmers we are hearing about in the news. 

To put it into perspective however, we have doubled our milk costs overnight – instead of paying about $1 a litre, we now produce 1L of milk for $2.20.In short, we produce a lower volume of milk thats rich in cream and of super high quality. We produce only what we need but this comes at a significant cost. Overall, we think it’s worth it. Sounds kind of crazy we know, but the quality really is incredible.

Read more about our dairy farm

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Our big bountiful van will be riding on into the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Auburn Botanic Gardens this weekend and next weekend.

We’ll be selling two Japanese desserts, the O-NO-GIRI which is a rich combo of green tea gelato, pistachio mousse and rice bubbles or if you want to eat what your surrounded by, don’t eat the flowers, eat AUNTY TOMSU’S CHEESECAKE – Japanese cheesecake, strawberry and cherry blossom cream, strawberry meringue and strawberry gelato.

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CITY2SURF – gelato stand

The City2Surf is among us for another mid year fitness goal kick and charity bonanza.  And if you’re feeling a last minute urge to run/walk 14km, fear not –  it’s not too late to enter and you can buy your tickets here.

You’re probably wondering why on earth we’re writing about City2Surf and how it ties in with gelato… but we’ll have a gelato stand set up near the finish line, ready to sell you a breakfast fit for champions.

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It’s our final week at HWKR

As they say, all good things must come to an end. The time has now come time that we say farewell to our three month residency at HWKR, Melbourne.

Alongside our kitchen buddies from Wonderbao, we’ll be serving up one hell of a finale this weekend, with Sunday 5th August being our last day!

If they haven’t all sold out, here’s what’s on the menu:

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BURNING LOVE: Carriageworks Winter Night Market 2018

Get ready to say adios to those winter chills, the Winter Night Market is returning to Carriageworks next Friday night! With open fire and flame cooking taking centre stage, this year’s winter theme is ‘BURNING LOVE’.

Curated by co-chefs Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz of Porteño Group; they’ve personally hand-selected fifty-five of Sydney’s leading restaurants, bars and producers to showcase their own energy and creativity at the sold out event.

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All your pizza and gelato dreams are about to come true!

Our mates over at Salt Meats Cheese are bringing an experimental Italian Fiesta to West End. No, we’re not referring to Mario and Luigi lookalikes in lab coats … although that could be kinda fun. We’re talking vegan pizzas, monoportion gelato cakes and our new take on a ‘hot’ chocolate.

Hosted at West Village’s Laneway WV, from Friday 6th July, we’ll be popping up for one month only, serving a limited edition range of single serve cakes and ‘hot’ drinks.

WILD STRAWBERRIES  – Strawberry mousse, strawberry gel, vanilla gelato, masala sponge, almond crunch, pâte de fruit

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