No Soup for You! Messina’s International Soup Kitchen comes to Melbourne

Messina's International Soup Kitchen


Playtime is kicking off at Birrarung Marr, as the very fancy Royal Croquet Club pops up in Melbourne’s centre from 16th January. Complete with a giant croquet pitch, multiple DJ’s, bars (plentiful with Pimms) and roving food outlets, you won’t even miss out on the Australian Open action as you can recline in front of the big screen and watch it all under the stars.

And what can you expect from Gelato Messina? Handpicked by Broadsheet to rustle up a sweet concept, Messina’s International Soup Kitchen was born.

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Real or No Real? The Sydney Fest Menu is ON

Have you ventured down to Festival Village at Sydney Festival to treat (or confuse) your tastebuds at our newly opened Double Down Diner yet?

First up on the menu of gelato confusery is ‘The Royale With Cheese’, which was designed by our Messina chefs to look exactly like a real burger. All is not what it seems – it’s so lifelike in fact; we’ve been having a good ol’ game of real or no real with all the burgers on site from our fellow food stalls…

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THE DOUBLE DOWN DINER: Sydney Festival is coming

The Double Down Diner - Sydney Festival 2015


Have you ever wished for Sydney’s best gelateria and Sydney’s best BBQ house under the same roof? Stop rubbing that lamp, because your wish has just been granted, courtesy of this year’s Sydney Festival 2015.

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Porteno to create The Double Down Diner, especially for Sydney Festival 2015. Sydney’s best double trouble duo have put together two show stopping menus to showcase good ol’ southern American diner nosh.

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Make it like Messina: TIRAMISU GELATO

Want to make something different for your Christmas dessert this year? If didn’t know, we’ve written a book, aptly named GELATO MESSINA, THE RECIPES (you can buy a copy in our Darlinghurst store). Head Messina honcho, Nick Palumbo, teaches you how to make his favourite flavour below. Just don’t tell his kids.

“When I’m asked what my favourite flavour is, I always say that this is like asking who’s your favourite child…I love them all the same! But, deep down, we all have a favourite, and so when we talk about gelato flavours, for me it’s Tiramisu. It has it all!”


In the book we teach you how to make both the domestic and the professional way. For the purpose of the below, we’e assuming you’re making this at home. You’re making gelato, so if you haven’t yet guessed, you’ll need a gelato maker – we use Thermomix.

Tiramasu Gelato recipe by Messina

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Get Suggestive – This Month’s Dessert Bar Sundaes

We like to get a little creative at The Dessert Bar. Every 6 weeks (or so), the mighty Messina chefs come up with 8 new delectable and delicious sundaes for you to try.

For just $9.90 a pop, you can rock up to our Darlinghurst Dessert Bar and let our staff create you something special. This month, we’ve been getting jiggy with the traditional choc top, adding our own blood peach sorbet and toasted macadamia gelato, plus taking salted caramel to the next level in our ‘Caramellow Out’ cups.

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COMING SOON: The Messina Christmas Cake

Look what we’re busy working on…

The Messina Christmas cake is coming soon – this year it involves pain de epices gelato (a delicious spicy gingerbread flavour), chestnut crunch, chocolate sponge, ginger and chocolate mousse, pear and apple jelly, and vanilla marshmallow.

Yule be able to get your hands on our log from the 20th December. Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page and Instagram page for the latest updates.

Messina Christmas Cake

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The Truth About Pistachio Gelato

If you’re a regular Messina visitor, you may have noticed our pistachio flavour is not always available, and when it is, it has a very distinctive flavour, unlike any other gelato you’ll try in Australia. Why, we hear you cry?

Messina founder Nick Palumbo and Head Chef Donato Toce explain:

Pistachio gelato is the most counterfeited flavour of all the gelati.

The reason for this is purely financial. The cost of the nut itself is about 3 to 4 times that of most other nuts.

Specialty gelato ingredient manufacturers generally have 3 types:

The first type is made with Pistachio, Almonds & Chlorophyll (green colouring). These pastes generally cost around $25 per Kilo and is used by about 85% of all gelato retailers around the world, including Italy! It is by far and away the most common paste and the flavour this paste gives the gelato is basically what the world has unfortunately come to associate with “pistachio gelato“.

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Creative department: Friday 18th 12-7pm, Saturday 19th 12-7pm, Sunday 20th 12-7pm, Monday 21st 12-7pm
Please be aware of these times when picking up cakes over the long weekend.

Our other stores are open an additional half hour on Sunday

Darlinghurst: Sunday 20th 12-11.30pm
Bondi: Sunday 20th 12-11.30pm
Surry Hills: Sunday 20th 12-11.30pm
Star: Sunday 20th 11-11.30pm

Fitzroy: Sunday 20th 12-11.30pm

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Roll Up, Roll Up!

Carnivale Menu

Carnivale Menu



Leave the juggling hobbits at home and trim that bearded lady my friends; the real carnival of the senses has arrived. The clowns at Gelato Messina are about to turn your senses upside down and inside out with
IL CARNIVALE DI GELATO MESSINA – Festival Village in Hyde Park, Sydney Festival January 2014!

The gelato ringmasters have cracked their cream whips once again and will be creating a veritable smorgasbord of carnival inspired desserts, tidbits and oddities to satiate your sweet tooth!
What would you say to a Messina hot dog?

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