HOW GOOD IS WINE? Messina + Logan at Vino Paradiso

Vino Paradiso Messina creations

HOW GOOD IS WINE? And HOW GOOD IS IT to be able to sample loads and loads of it, all in one place? DE DE DERRRR…that’s the perfect combo for VINO PARADISO this weekend. We’re not wine producers, but we’ve partnered with Logan Wines who have the most wine-derful vineyard in the NSW Central Ranges, specifically Orange and Mudgee to create three unique gelato based / wine infused desserts for you at the event. Our stands will be back to back all weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) down at The Rocks, so you can sample their superior vinos along side our creations. Each one of our desserts uses one of their wines – from a Shiraz to a vintage bottle of bubbles.

Here’s what’s on the menu (all $10 each):

Shirazzamatazz: A shiraz grape juice soft serve sundae topped with chocolate mousse, blackberry jellies, hazelnut praline and chocolate cookie crumb (Using freshly squished shiraz grape juice from the Logan vineyard)
Shirazzamatazz  - Vino Paradiso Messina creations

Rosè Gonzales: A thin layer of rosè gel sandwiched between pistachio gelato and vanilla olive oil sponge, finished with a rosè glaze and topped with chocolate shards (Using Logan ‘Hannah’ Rosè)

RoseGonzalez - Vino Paradiso Messina creations
Absolutely Flabulous: A flute of champagne sorbet, mandarin gel, mandarin sponge, chocolate and popping candy crunch and mandarin foam (Using Logan Vintage ‘M’ Cuvee)
Absolutely Flabulous - Vino Paradiso Messina creations

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WINDSOR – opening 5pm Monday

Three’s not a crowd. Three is three places you can now get a scoop of Messina in Melbourne.

Since opening our second store in Richmond a couple of months ago, we figured you guys liked us in VIC, so have been working on a third store which will open it’s doors very, very soon. Without being biased, our soon-to-be third Melbourne store on Chapel Street, Windsor, is one of our best-looking kids with fully wood panelled walls, some very snazzy red cool rooms and we’re hoping, some very handsome staff.

171 Chapel Street, Windsor, Melbourne.
Opens 5pm Monday 2nd November

PLUS it’s next to a vodka bar. Borsch Vodka & Tears is our rad-est next door neighbour, prizes for those seen shotting vodka in the queue, or shotting gelato.

Our newest store has a (admittedly) small secret room out back where we’ll be holding GMA (Gelato Messina Anonymous), our newest counseling Groups. for those struggling with an addiction to Messina. No, well – sometimes we think we need this, but we’ll actually be using the room for private degustations and mini gelato class, so watch this space.

Some ‘teaser’ shots to get you going…

Messina - Chapel Street Windsor

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ROSEBERY – the store’s open!

Every gelato factory needs a store. So we’re pleased to say ours now has one. Our Rosebery HQ, classroom and gelato production facility now has a fully functioning gelato cabinet with all 35 flavours + 5 revolving specials on offer just like our other stores.

Messina Rosebery store

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Warm. Boozy. Thickshake. 3 great words.

We’ve recently installed a bar at Messina HQ. Is it because we’re on an all encompassing sugar and alcohol binge? Maybe. But more likely we have an appreciation for a great Negroni and we also like playing around with flavours in our gelato and sorbets too (a new batch of gin and lime sorbet is being churned right now).

So when bars approach us with ideas for boozy gelato creations, first we think…would we be seen dead sipping a short one at that bar, and if so yes let’s get the spirits flowing. On point with being ‘seen dead’ at a bar, que Dead Ringer…that bar with the snazzy bud lights which Tim Philips and co. have just opened on the top end of Bourke Street.

They also own Bulletin Bar in the city (that one where you look like you’re walking into a tattoo shop).  We like Tim’s view on bartending – “My only goal with bartending is to serve nice drinks to nice people. If I can do that, I’m happy,”.

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NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS: The Lucky Fortune Bar returns!


The Messina LUCKY FORTUNE BAR has been reincarnated for the 2015 Good Food Night Noodle Markets which kick off in Sydney tonight (8 October). We’re bringing good luck and good fortune to Hyde Park in Sydney for 2 and half weeks or so where we’ll be serving up 5 new menu items for you!

This year, our awesome friends at WONDERBAO have perfected an un-bao-lieable recipe for sweet sweet baos, perfect for us to fill with delicious gelato things, then roll around in more deliciously saucy things (all sounds rather fun to us). We’ve got 2 flavours of sweet BAO, plus our never-been-tasted-before balls (we’ve been planning to do for what seems like Zodiacs of years!).

If you’re feeling pumped by the pressure at Night Noodle, you can grab one of two ready-to-go MESSINA WEALTH BARS flavours – there’s no waiting around for cooking, steaming, saucing. You can sneak off to a corner, unwrap and devour one (or both) before hitting the next queue.

Read on for full details. See you there!


BAO CHICKA BAO BAO – Deep fried gua bao filled with peanut gelato, dipped in milk chocolate sauce and rolled in crushed peanuts (contains NUTS, GLUTEN, DAIRY)

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We’re feelin’ SMOOTH

We’re feeling pretty smoooooth this week. Smooth and chocolatey. So we’re making chocolate gelato bars for SMOOTH FESTIVAL OF CHOCOLATE this weekend so you can feel all smooth and chocolatey with us. We might even throw in a few chat up lines along the way if you’re lucky.

Head down to The ROCKS this Saturday (12th & 13th September) to try one of our 4 specially created chocolate bars (they’ve got gelato in them too cos we’re into that kinda thing). Grab your chocolatey loving mates and come find us between the following times:

SATURDAY: 10am – 8pm
SUNDAY: 10am – 5pm

WHERE? Opposite the MCA near the water


caramel milk chocolate gelato, white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate sponge, finished with chocolate velvet spray
contains: egg, dairy, gelatine

MUCHO MILK MADNESS at Smooth Chocolate Festival

malted milk choc gelato, honey joys, house made milo, vanilla cream, coated in white chocolate
contains:dairy, gluten


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All about them ‘Erbs & our Choc Mint Gelato

Every mound of Choc Mint gelato you’ll see in the cabinet in-store contains 5 bunches of mint – picked, washed & juiced. Fresh mint. Actual mint like the stuff that you muddle into a mojito. Before it gets to looking like this…some minty moments need to happen…

Thanks to @copywritermath@crazal for this drippin’ image

What’s up with mint?

We often get customers who try our Choc Mint flavour for the first time come back to us only to tell us that something “isn’t quite right” with it. They often come back with very confused looks on their faces, as the flavour they were expecting isn’t the one that they have in front of them. Most people expect a fake;  toothpaste or after dinner chocolate kind of mint flavour that we’ve become so accustomed to over the years. This kind of flavour is peppermint oil, artificially extracted and used in things like chewing gum, toothpaste & of course other choc-mint ice creams and gelatos.

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Uber is delivering Messina this Friday

Fridays are pretty great any week, but we thought we’d make this Friday just that little bit sweeter. If you haven’t heard of UBER yet – ERM, WHAT…where have you been?

We’re partnering with Uber to deliver you Messina this Friday, July 24, between 11am and 5pm. That’s better than free water and mints.


– If you haven’t used Uber before, download the Uber app and create an account. New users can enter the promo code ‘ICECREAMOZ’ when signing up in the PROMOTIONS section of the app to get a tub of Messina FREE.
– Existing Uber users can enjoy a 470ml tub of ‘uberX Scoop’ delivered for $15.
– Open the Uber app on Friday, July 24, between 11am – 5pm
– Set your location and request the “Ice Cream” option. If successful, a tub of delicious Messina will be at your door within minutes.

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GELATO CLASS: Tell us what you think


We’re planning our next instalment of gelato classes, and we wanted to know what you guys think. We posted it on Facebook, but it seems you guys need a little incentive ;).

We’ve got together with those monkeys who are great at creating surveys to host 6 questions about our classes. Take the survey and we’ll add you into the draw to win 2 x tickets to a GELATO APPRECIATION CLASS in Sydney. PLEASE RESPOND BY MIDNIGHT on TUESDAY 23RD JUNE!



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