If it’s one thing an ice cream company needs, it’s an ice cream van….on Bondi Beach…

Welcome…MESSINA ON WHEELS – our newly revamped ice cream van (well gelato van) ready to enhance your summer vibes on Bondi Beach. This piece of retro magic will be rolling down to it’s permanent home on North Bondi Beach every sunny day this summer, so whether you’re taking a dip with the kids, or knocking back some sun downers on the grassy knowl (brah), you can now find our N I N E custom made gelato items on sale to quench your ice cream needs without even leaving the beach.

Our new creations hark back to some of our summer favourites, some of which are still going strong. We’ve recreated them the Messina way, and tweaked the recipe just so, to make sure they are the best of the best on the beach. See the full menu below…

Operating times do vary depending on the weather and school holidays so if you see him, go try the creams of your dreams from our new semi perm site on the beach this summer.

bondi_van_18.1.18 (1 of 1)

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DELIVEROO EDITIONS…open for business

Deliveroo Editions is open for business…and it’s giving you even more reason to be a lazy b*stard and not leave the couch.

There are no tables or waiters in this restaurant – this is a delivery concept where you literally do sit back, and let us do all the work.

Inside the mystical Deliveroo Editions kitchen (the first site is in Windsor, Melbourne) are some some mouth watering morsels from 8Bit, Baby & Kong ready for order. We’ve made five handmade custom products ready for order too – add them to your savoury food order or just order Messina for dinner. No judgement.

ORDER HERE *you must be in the delivery area

** PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: FROM WEDNESDAY 29TH NOV, the good people of Deliveroo are giving away Messina items with the first 1000 savoury orders. First come, happiest diners**


EAT YOUR HEART OUT: Strawberry gelato & blackberry gel covered in red chocolate dip and freeze dried raspberries

Deliveroo_Editions_Products (7 of 12)

THE MILO HIGH CLUB: Malted milk gelato layered with malted chocolate sauce & dusted with Messina made milo

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Who would have thought a little bit of David Lynch would make it’s way to our humble abode?  For the first time in the history of GM, two of our stores will be taken over by the TWIN PEAKS – Double R Diner.   No regular scoops, gelato cakes or deep house tunes will be present, not even a drop of Salted Caramel White Choc – this is a wonderful and strange special agent operation.

Together with Pedestrian.TV and Stan, we’ve put our Dale Cooper gloves on to take you back in time to the warm and grainy realms of 90’s film.  As our stores transform in every way possible into the Double R Dinereach of you will be able to get a taste (literally) of Twin Peaks.  With three custom made flavours inspired from key scenes – you can re-live your cult fiction fantasy + the first 50 fans at 12pm & 5pm will get a slice of Norma’s Incredible (gelato) Cherry Pie.

The brand new Twin Peaks season will be released exclusively through Stan on May 22nd.

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A little taste of ‘STRAYA is coming at ya…

For those of you who have left the sunny shores of Sydney and Melbourne and set up shop, home or mansion in LA, we know the MAIN thing you miss about your home town (apart from a decent cup of coffee, overuse of the C word (in the politest possible manner), more smashed avo than you can poke a stick at (with a smattering of Vegemite) might just be your weekly scoop of MESSINA.

For 5 days only, all your gelato dreams, hopes & prayers are going to be answered. The Messina bosses are upping sticks and popping up in downtown LA to bring a little bit Messina lurve to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

Enter, LA FOOD BOWL, the host of your Messina eating extravaganza for FIVE DAYS ONLY.

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WATCH how our HOT CROSS BUN gelato is made.

It’s been a busy week of baking at Messina HQ; we’ve made thousands of fresh hot cross buns in house, buttered them and then smashed them all up ready to be freshly churned into our gelato in your nearest Messina store.
AVAILABLE from today for one week only (and once in the whole year), this spiced, buttery, extra chunky gelato is sure to get you in the mood for Easter eating… and an extra long weekend!

HOT CROSS BUNS: Hot cross bun gelato smashed with buttered hot cross buns

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brisbane store

Brisbane, the wait is over. No more trawling through the the inner city markets and pop ups to see where we’ll be frantically scooping for a day – we now have permanent gelato digs, so you can come and visit us whenever your heart desires.

With the potential to be our flagship store, this beauty is one of our designers proudest moments.  Nick Palumbo; Messina’s founder and self described ‘frustrated architect’ has created quite the masterpiece, along with Vie Studio – amping up his design specs to do justice to The Melbourne Residences brand new retail space.  The vibe is juxtaposed somewhere between an Apple Store and your (cool) grandma’s retro living room – with 9m high concrete walls and ceilings, 70’s mahogany panels and geometric wooden built in cake cabinets.  It wouldn’t be a Messina store without polished concrete floors, an expansive bright red cabinet filled with 35 flavours and 5 specials and a whole lotta light streaming in from the floor to ceiling glass.

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Ni hao, kon’nichiwa, sawatdee-kah!! We chimed into our oriental origins and asked our chefs to come up with the most VERY VERY GOOD creations they could think of; to bring you the best lucky dip of Asian desserts for NIGHT NOODLE MARKETS 2016! and so the VERY VERY GOOD LUCKY FORTUNE BAR was born.

Over three weeks in the best season of the year (food festival season), you’ll be able to get your hands on four exclusive, extra sticky Messina treats!

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find the store

Tramsheds is one of Sydney’s lost treasures, which has now been restored to its former glory.

The abandoned 1904 Tramway Depot famed for it’s graffiti has now relaunched as Harold Park TRAMSHEDS, Glebe – designed specifically to house a hand selected bunch of Australia’s finest providers and purveyors of food innovation.

The site’s history has provided some interesting inspo for Messina founder Nick Palumbo. As well as being a mad scientist with an obsession for gelato, Nick is also a self described ‘frustrated architect’.  You may have noticed our most recent stores are getting more and more 70’s with a dose of art deco in them…another one of Nick’s obsessions. Don’t worry there aren’t too many more.

Before every Messina opening, Nick disappears from the office, sets up camp on site (grows a questionable beard) and doesn’t leave that site until the Messina is open for business.

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Messina Mobile - Royal Melbourne Show

We’re rolling into the ROYAL MELBOURNE SHOW in our seriously retro 1969 Citroen MESSINA MOBILE – you can learn more about the new addition to our family here.

Come and visit us to get your hands on our hand made choc tops and custom scoops:

CREMINO CHOC TOP – choc lined waffle cone, italian meringue, choc hazelnut ganache, salted caramel gelato, dark choc dip and amaretti biscuits

THE HONEY POT CHOC TOP – Choc lined waffle cone, milk choc gelato, honeycomb pieces, yellow white choc dip, honeycomb sprinkles

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If you didn’t make it to MESSINA EATS: HUXTABURGER, get ready for round two… MESSINA EATS: WONDERBAO.

We’ve started to run monthly (or so) two-day pop up events, mainly fuelled by how much we love eating. We’re aiming to bring some our favourite and the most f*cking delicious food creators we could think of to Sydney. They look after the lunch & dinner and we do dessert.

This time around we’re feeding our obsession with baos. WONDERBAOS to be precise. WONDERBAO have one tiny shop in Melbourne where they pump out some of the best gua baos we’ve tried (and we’ve tried a lot).  Andrew, one of the owners, has spent years perfecting the art of handmade bao pastry and traditional BBQ pork buns.

Plus, we’re making deep fried ice cream balls for 2 days only! Come join us…

WHEN: 29/30TH JULY. 12pm – late both days


No tickets required, just turn up and we’re aiming to have enough food for everything this time!

Follow the FACEBOOK EVENT for the latest info or read more here


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