Make it like Messina: TIRAMISU GELATO

Want to make something different for your Christmas dessert this year? If didn’t know, we’ve written a book, aptly named GELATO MESSINA, THE RECIPES (you can buy a copy in our Darlinghurst store). Head Messina honcho, Nick Palumbo, teaches you how to make his favourite flavour below. Just don’t tell his kids.

“When I’m asked what my favourite flavour is, I always say that this is like asking who’s your favourite child…I love them all the same! But, deep down, we all have a favourite, and so when we talk about gelato flavours, for me it’s Tiramisu. It has it all!”


In the book we teach you how to make both the domestic and the professional way. For the purpose of the below, we’e assuming you’re making this at home. You’re making gelato, so if you haven’t yet guessed, you’ll need a gelato maker – we use Thermomix.

Tiramasu Gelato recipe by Messina

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