A little taste of ‘STRAYA is coming at ya…

For those of you who have left the sunny shores of Sydney and Melbourne and set up shop, home or mansion in LA, we know the MAIN thing you miss about your home town (apart from a decent cup of coffee, overuse of the C word (in the politest possible manner), more smashed avo than you can poke a stick at (with a smattering of Vegemite) might just be your weekly scoop of MESSINA.

For 5 days only, all your gelato dreams, hopes & prayers are going to be answered. The Messina bosses are upping sticks and popping up in downtown LA to bring a little bit Messina lurve to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!

Enter, LA FOOD BOWL, the host of your Messina eating extravaganza for FIVE DAYS ONLY.

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HATCH ME IF YOU CAN – THIS EASTERThe Chick Magnet - Messina Easter 2016

This Easter, we’ve created quite the lay-dees man with this cheeky CHICK MAGNET. 

He’s available in Sydney, Melbourne and Coolangatta between now and the 24th March, or until sold out. He’s not the monogamous type and has already committed to going home with lots of ladies, so he won’t be around for much longer.

WHAT’S INSIDE THE CHICK MAGNET? Nestled inside a milk and white chocolate shell, the egg is filled with milk chocolate ganache and white choc hazelnut gelato. He gets his egg-like texture from a white chocolate velvet spray, specially designed for birds. His feet and leaves are hand moulded from milk chocolate, with his toes being delicately dipped in dark choc to finish.

The deceptively oozy stones are also filled with milk chocolate ganache and white choc hazelnut gelato and ganached with white chocolate.

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Have you ever wanted to  take home a piece of Messina and stick it up on your wall (without attracting an ant colony) or surprise a friend with Messina Mail?  Well now you can!  We’ve made a bunch of pretty funny postcards to spread the Messina love around the globe, one postman at a time.

The postcards will be making their debut appearance at Messina Milk Bar at Spectrum Now festival and making their way into all of our stores.  Featuring Anthony Lister, Malt-Tease the choc cock and Mike Baird, each card has been hand crafted and designed to delight each and every one of you.

Get on board the sweet Messina Mail Trail and pick one up in store today… they won’t last long!

Anthony Lister postcard

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WATCH the movie, eat a Messina Wonka Bar, and be in with the chance of winning a years supply of Messina! Interested? Make like Charlie Bucket and get to OUR GOLDEN AGE to get your ticket for the screening.

UPDATE: TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT, but you can still WIN some HERE

Charlie and Chocolate Factory - Messina Golden Ticket

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Our Golden Age in Surry Hills to guest present Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. We often feel like we could be Charlie, here in our gelato factory, just not quite so young (we all look a bit more like Grandpa Joe in real life). We’re screening the original 1971 version (sorry Jonny Depp fans). Included in the ticket price is our own tribute to those scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Bars, one of which will contain a MESSINA GOLDEN TICKET!

23RD MARCH @ 8.30PM – there’s only 55 seats in the cinema so get in quick.

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All about them ‘Erbs & our Choc Mint Gelato

Every mound of Choc Mint gelato you’ll see in the cabinet in-store contains 5 bunches of mint – picked, washed & juiced. Fresh mint. Actual mint like the stuff that you muddle into a mojito. Before it gets to looking like this…some minty moments need to happen…

Thanks to @copywritermath@crazal for this drippin’ image

What’s up with mint?

We often get customers who try our Choc Mint flavour for the first time come back to us only to tell us that something “isn’t quite right” with it. They often come back with very confused looks on their faces, as the flavour they were expecting isn’t the one that they have in front of them. Most people expect a fake;  toothpaste or after dinner chocolate kind of mint flavour that we’ve become so accustomed to over the years. This kind of flavour is peppermint oil, artificially extracted and used in things like chewing gum, toothpaste & of course other choc-mint ice creams and gelatos.

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Not everything is as it seems

‘Stabilisers’ ‘aint a dirty word (or number for that matter)

At Gelato Messina, we’re passionate (verging on obsessive) about the creative process and make our gelato from the very best, real ingredients. But all gelato makers say that right?

Not all stabilisers are created equal

If you’re into the science (which is pretty interesting when you get into it), Messina Head Honcho Nick Palumbo knows quite a lot about the subject – he lets off some stabiliser steam and explains why ‘stabilisers’ isn’t as much of a dirty word as you think…

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Make it like Messina: TIRAMISU GELATO

Want to make something different for your Christmas dessert this year? If didn’t know, we’ve written a book, aptly named GELATO MESSINA, THE RECIPES (you can buy a copy in our Darlinghurst store). Head Messina honcho, Nick Palumbo, teaches you how to make his favourite flavour below. Just don’t tell his kids.

“When I’m asked what my favourite flavour is, I always say that this is like asking who’s your favourite child…I love them all the same! But, deep down, we all have a favourite, and so when we talk about gelato flavours, for me it’s Tiramisu. It has it all!”


In the book we teach you how to make both the domestic and the professional way. For the purpose of the below, we’e assuming you’re making this at home. You’re making gelato, so if you haven’t yet guessed, you’ll need a gelato maker – we use Thermomix.

Tiramasu Gelato recipe by Messina

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The Truth About Pistachio Gelato

If you’re a regular Messina visitor, you may have noticed our pistachio flavour is not always available, and when it is, it has a very distinctive flavour, unlike any other gelato you’ll try in Australia. Why, we hear you cry?

Messina founder Nick Palumbo and Head Chef Donato Toce explain:

Pistachio gelato is the most counterfeited flavour of all the gelati.

The reason for this is purely financial. The cost of the nut itself is about 3 to 4 times that of most other nuts.

Specialty gelato ingredient manufacturers generally have 3 types:

The first type is made with Pistachio, Almonds & Chlorophyll (green colouring). These pastes generally cost around $25 per Kilo and is used by about 85% of all gelato retailers around the world, including Italy! It is by far and away the most common paste and the flavour this paste gives the gelato is basically what the world has unfortunately come to associate with “pistachio gelato“.

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Here at Gelato Messina, we really love gelato. We love it so much, we have a small shrine in our homes to which we must bow. What we love even more however is sharing this love of gelato with others. This is what inspired us to write our first book. In our book we have included over 40 of our flavours including some of our favourite signature flavours such as salted caramel and white chocolate.

With a few simple and inexpensive kitchen appliances, the book will show you how you can make gelato in your own home just like the professionals !

Messina:The recipies

Available for purchase in our Darlinghurst and Fitzroy Stores

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Ice Cream Cake – Australia’s best


Ice Cream Cakes at Messina are created from ingredients in their completely raw and natural form, with no preservatives or flavourings of any kind. We pride ourselves in this traditional approach.

We roast and grind our pistachios, bake our own apple pie and brownies and stew our rhubarb. By utilizing fresh ingredients, the result is a full-bodied texture and flavour in our ice cream cake. Our dairy flavours are low fat and our sorbets fat free, dairy free and packed with fresh fruit.

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