Making our own Tim Tam range last year was pretty darn cool – it’s what dreams are made of right? So we were double chuffed when the Kings & Queens of biscuits at Arnott’s asked us to come back for round two and to launch THREE more flavours with them this year.

With one round of Tim Tam making under our belts already, this time we’ve used some of our Messina specials to inspire…welcome the new flavours: Turkish Delight, Choc Cherry Coconut and Iced Coffee.

We dug back into our flavour archive for the new flavours – some of you may remember Messina Specials such as Persian Rocky Road (cue inspo for Turkish Delight), 1985 (now a Choc Cherry Coconut Tim Tam) or our Coffee gelato, a classic flavour in the cabinet. We tinkered and tailored the flavours with the experts at Tim Tam to turn them into the new biscuits, and they’re down right delicious if we don’t say so ourselves. And seeing as we do like a chilled treat, try keeping them in the fridge and eating them cold. They’ve got snazzy packaging which changes colour in the fridge too. We’ve debated this subject many times in the office – fridge, cupboard, fridge, freezer(?) or desk side drawer…the choice is yours, just get them in your gob.

The range is available at ‘all good supermarkets’ near you from 26th January 2018. You can read more about all the flavours we’ve made here.


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Who would have thought a little bit of David Lynch would make it’s way to our humble abode?  For the first time in the history of GM, two of our stores will be taken over by the TWIN PEAKS – Double R Diner.   No regular scoops, gelato cakes or deep house tunes will be present, not even a drop of Salted Caramel White Choc – this is a wonderful and strange special agent operation.

Together with Pedestrian.TV and Stan, we’ve put our Dale Cooper gloves on to take you back in time to the warm and grainy realms of 90’s film.  As our stores transform in every way possible into the Double R Dinereach of you will be able to get a taste (literally) of Twin Peaks.  With three custom made flavours inspired from key scenes – you can re-live your cult fiction fantasy + the first 50 fans at 12pm & 5pm will get a slice of Norma’s Incredible (gelato) Cherry Pie.

The brand new Twin Peaks season will be released exclusively through Stan on May 22nd.

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WATCH the movie, eat a Messina Wonka Bar, and be in with the chance of winning a years supply of Messina! Interested? Make like Charlie Bucket and get to OUR GOLDEN AGE to get your ticket for the screening.

UPDATE: TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT, but you can still WIN some HERE

Charlie and Chocolate Factory - Messina Golden Ticket

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Our Golden Age in Surry Hills to guest present Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory. We often feel like we could be Charlie, here in our gelato factory, just not quite so young (we all look a bit more like Grandpa Joe in real life). We’re screening the original 1971 version (sorry Jonny Depp fans). Included in the ticket price is our own tribute to those scrumdiddlyumptious Wonka Bars, one of which will contain a MESSINA GOLDEN TICKET!

23RD MARCH @ 8.30PM – there’s only 55 seats in the cinema so get in quick.

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TASTE BONDI – we’ve made the most Bondi flavour we could think of

QT Bondi X Messina


a combi van, a whole freezer full of gelato, all we need is you to eat it

Saturday 16, Sunday 17, Sunday 24 and Tuesday 26 (Australia Day) of January 2016

When the QT Bondi came to us and asked to make a flavour to celebrate their opening in Bondi, we moved our next marketing meeting to the grassy knoll, got ourselves a green smoothie and a skinny almond milk rice semi soy latte and got our thinking caps on in the sunshine.

The result? The “2026” – roasted coconut and yoghurt sorbet with Messina trail mix, quinoa & chia seed choc block

Sounds kinda healthy doesn’t it? We can’t claim it is, but it’s pretty tasty

Named after the area postcard, we delivered a little taste in the ‘Messina Mail’ to some of those media mogils…here’s what they got in the ‘post’:

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Edible Life Scents – fully edible, no air freshener flavour in sight

Winter Moments - Airwick X Messina

A project with AIR WICK? That same bemused look might be passing over your face right now, but hear us out. No, there is not an air freshener flavoured gelato flavour.

When Air Wick first approached us a few long weeks ago now with info on their ‘Life Scents’ range and asked us to work with them, you could say we were reserved at the least. BUT the science behind their new range of scents is pretty damn cool. Basically, they have developed fragrances, which change in the air as you spray them. And they asked us if we could do the same thing with desserts.

Challenge accepted, and here we are. It wasn’t easy – we have new snazzy machines, have worked our chefs pretty (very) hard and also have enlisted the help of a food technologist who helped us figure out how to suspend flavour bubbles at different levels.

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OITNB pic blog

Prison doesn’t look so bad, if this is what’s for lunch.

Series 2 of Orange Is the New Black is now being served up on DVD… so what better reason than to get into the spirit of the slammer and Piper’s big mouth by making our very own “disgusting” prison lunch.

No thanks to Neptune Produce, and with a little help with the prep from Red, we’ve made a special edition gelato lunch for the lovely ladies of Litchfield.  The nutritious meat and two veg (including dem creamy mash potato’s) has been designed to delight and surprise the lucky inmates.

Snatch yourself 1 of 50 MESSINA’S MAX SECURITY LUNCH’S at the Messina Dessert Bar in Darlinghurst from Wednesday at 12pm.

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