Our big bountiful van will be riding on into the Cherry Blossom Festival at the Auburn Botanic Gardens this weekend and next weekend.

We’ll be selling two Japanese desserts, the O-NO-GIRI which is a rich combo of green tea gelato, pistachio mousse and rice bubbles or if you want to eat what your surrounded by, don’t eat the flowers, eat AUNTY TOMSU’S CHEESECAKE – Japanese cheesecake, strawberry and cherry blossom cream, strawberry meringue and strawberry gelato.

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CITY2SURF – gelato stand

The City2Surf is among us for another mid year fitness goal kick and charity bonanza.  And if you’re feeling a last minute urge to run/walk 14km, fear not –  it’s not too late to enter and you can buy your tickets here.

You’re probably wondering why on earth we’re writing about City2Surf and how it ties in with gelato… but we’ll have a gelato stand set up near the finish line, ready to sell you a breakfast fit for champions.

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It’s our final week at HWKR

As they say, all good things must come to an end. The time has now come time that we say farewell to our three month residency at HWKR, Melbourne.

Alongside our kitchen buddies from Wonderbao, we’ll be serving up one hell of a finale this weekend, with Sunday 5th August being our last day!

If they haven’t all sold out, here’s what’s on the menu:

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A Fairy Bread Messina Shake Special is now in stores


First, there were our standard shakes, which we’ve been doing since way back. Then we introduced our SHAKE SPECIALS and boy, have they been delicious.

This month, the specials are here to excite the kid in all of us. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any better, we’ve gone and outdone ourselves.

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BURNING LOVE: Carriageworks Winter Night Market 2018

Get ready to say adios to those winter chills, the Winter Night Market is returning to Carriageworks next Friday night! With open fire and flame cooking taking centre stage, this year’s winter theme is ‘BURNING LOVE’.

Curated by co-chefs Ben Milgate and Elvis Abrahanowicz of Porteño Group; they’ve personally hand-selected fifty-five of Sydney’s leading restaurants, bars and producers to showcase their own energy and creativity at the sold out event.

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All your pizza and gelato dreams are about to come true!

Our mates over at Salt Meats Cheese are bringing an experimental Italian Fiesta to West End. No, we’re not referring to Mario and Luigi lookalikes in lab coats … although that could be kinda fun. We’re talking vegan pizzas, monoportion gelato cakes and our new take on a ‘hot’ chocolate.

Hosted at West Village’s Laneway WV, from Friday 6th July, we’ll be popping up for one month only, serving a limited edition range of single serve cakes and ‘hot’ drinks.

WILD STRAWBERRIES  – Strawberry mousse, strawberry gel, vanilla gelato, masala sponge, almond crunch, pâte de fruit

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25th JULY – 5th AUGUST

Weekdays: 5pm – lateWeekends: 4pm – late

Our Japanese Gameshow has made waves around Australia, touring from Sydney, to Melbourne, Canberra and even over to Perth (yes, believe it or not, there are actually people over there). Brisbane … your time has come! Step right up to Messina’s Japanese Gameshow. Making it’s way to South Bank this July, you’ll be able to get your hands on FOUR custom made products, made exclusively for the Night Noodle Markets.

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We’ve been doing Messina shakes in all our stores for yonks. BUT have finally decided to make some suped up specials.

Launching in all stores today, are 3 new MESSINA SHAKES…we’ve baked crunchy red velvet cake, made maple clusters and more and have shipped them off to stores to be added to these cups of joy. Winter bodies are made in winter right? We made the RED VELVET flavour at one of our recent MESSINA EATS events and let’s just say it was pretty popular.

The new milkshakes are also very special as they are part 1. of a very exciting story – they use MESSINA MILK. We recently purchased a farm in Country Victoria which is now home to around 300 jersey cows. You may have seen our recent MESSINA ADDITIONS series which shows you some of the things we make and bake in house (including our own chocolate and dulce de leche), and this is the next step of our journey to try and produce the best possible product we can…

We’re almost ready to supply milk from our cows for all our gelato, but not quite…but we do have enough for our new shakes. Watch this space for the #MessinaMilk story…

Here’s what’s on the MESSINA SHAKES menu:


2 x scoops of dulce de leche, 1 x scoop of white choc hazelnut and one shot of espresso (N, D)

this one’s a permanent fixture on the menu, so you can keep coming back for it!

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The Tramsheds Growers Markets are the newest weekend attraction to open in the inner-west, and we’re so excited to be apart of it.

Every Second Sunday between 8am – 2pm, we’ll be hanging out in the Artisan Lane Kitchen, selling a custom made hot chocolate, fresh pastries and brownies.

This is no ordinary hot chocolate. But a hot chocolate made almost entirely from gelato.  The base consists of our milk chocolate gelato, which has been heated and frothed, topped with a scoop of our dulce de leche gelato and a torched handmade marshmallow.

We’ve tied in the launch of our Messina Additions range with our market stall, to test the waters.   Our ‘additions’ are what we call anything that is added to our gelato when it is being churned… like brownies, fudge, dulce de leche, baklava, cookies, pralines, nougat etc.

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SWEET AS – Brisbane Dessert Festival

The Sweet As – Brisbane Dessert Festival will open for the first time, this Sunday.   The brand new event will swing open it’s doors at 10am, in Musgrave Park.

Housing some pretty sweet vendors, there won’t be a shortage of dessert options, but if you’re one of those people that needs a little savoury before your treat — they’ve got that covered too.

Fancy a drink? a little entertainment? They’ve organised pop up bars, live music and kids entertainment all day.

We’re serving one, very special dessert: THE SHANANA: Dulce de leche and vanilla gelato ‘banana’, banana mousse, salted caramel cream, peanut brittle, chocolate crumbs and a vanilla sponge.

You’ll need to buy or register for a free ticket (if you’re under 15

BOOK YOUR TICKETS HERE  (kids under 15 are free, but still need to register)
WHERE: Musgrave Park, South Brisbane
WHEN: Sunday 3rd June, 10am – 5pm

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