CITY2SURF – gelato stand

The City2Surf is among us for another mid year fitness goal kick and charity bonanza.  And if you’re feeling a last minute urge to run/walk 14km, fear not –  it’s not too late to enter and you can buy your tickets here.

You’re probably wondering why on earth we’re writing about City2Surf and how it ties in with gelato… but we’ll have a gelato stand set up near the finish line, ready to sell you a breakfast fit for champions.

Reward your hard work and come for a post run scoop, you’ll find three specials and a sneaky sorbet (if you ask for it):

JUST LIKE A MILKSHAKE: Coco pops cereal milk gelato with coco pops clusters
BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS: Cereal milk gelato with honey joys and milo
MORNING GLORY: Milk gelato with crunchy nut cornflake clusters and milo
*sneaky sorbet*

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