All your pizza and gelato dreams are about to come true!

Our mates over at Salt Meats Cheese are bringing an experimental Italian Fiesta to West End. No, we’re not referring to Mario and Luigi lookalikes in lab coats … although that could be kinda fun. We’re talking vegan pizzas, monoportion gelato cakes and our new take on a ‘hot’ chocolate.

Hosted at West Village’s Laneway WV, from Friday 6th July, we’ll be popping up for one month only, serving a limited edition range of single serve cakes and ‘hot’ drinks.

WILD STRAWBERRIES  – Strawberry mousse, strawberry gel, vanilla gelato, masala sponge, almond crunch, pâte de fruit

DR. EVIL’S MINI MAGIC MUSHROOM – Chocolate gelato, peanut butter cookies, white chocolate gelato, fuelletiene grass, caramel.

YELLOW SUBMARINE – Cream cheese gelato, passionfruit insert, cara crakine disc, yellow macaron sprinkled with black sesame seeds.

Then just when you thought the menu wasn’t sweet enough, we’re also serving up some scrum-diddly-upmtious ‘hot’ drinks.

BOMBE-CHOC-ALASKA – Hot chocolate, 1 scoop of dulce de leche gelato topped with torched marshmallow and icing sugar.

MALTY MCMALT MALT – Hot malted milk, 1 scoop of vanilla gelato topped with torched marshmallow and milo.

These bad boys will only be available at the pop up for 4 weeks only! Don’t make us say we told you so – get down and try them before it’s too late.

Opening Friday 6th July

Fridays 5-10pm

Saturdays 12pm-10pm

Sundays 12pm-9pm

Check out more info here.

Got a hankering for some of our standard scoops in stead? No stress! Our South Brisbane store is only a few minutes away.

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